Saturday, May 07, 2005

My name is Ted, not Dick

Congratulations are certainly in order for Dayna because she guessed my Name, on her second try. Thanks to Denise for not blowing the game because she knew my name from past emails. My email address is at the end of my profile thing “about me” and it starts out Ted8233. When I started this blog I wanted to remain anonymous so I went by Dick and then I told you my life history in my profile including my email address. Some anonymous.
I chose Dick because so many people call me Dick and those that don’t call me John and a few even call me Tom. Even in the Navy they called me Dick or John???? It got so bad that when I bought new Dungaree Uniforms I had them stencil Dick on the Pocket instead of Ted. The first time I came home on leave and my Mom washed my clothes, I heard her yell out “Who is Dick!!”. It was kinda tough to really explain to her. To my Mom I was either Theodore or Teddy Ray. Boy did I ever hate Teddy Ray. All of her friends called me Little Teddy Ray, isn’t he the baby of the family? I finally got rid of that moniker when I was 16, 6’2,” 205# and Tackle [offense and defense] on the football team. Then when I got married my wife picked it up using it only in mixed company, at social occasions, when she is introducing me. Then her sister picked it up. They both think they are so clever. So my name is TED

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Who is Dick Dickson

Observations from 2 bloggers about my last posting.
hokkaidoabbey said...
P.S. Doesn't that signature read "T. Dickson"? Even though Dick starts with a D?
7:13 AM

dayna said...
*gasp* You're right Hokkaido, I totally missed that. I bet his wife painted it and he's hogging the credit for it.
2:31 PM
I did paint it myself and without my wife’s help but “Who is Dick Dickson?” I have decided to hold a little contest to see if anyone can figure out my name. I want to give out prizes for those that guess correctly. It is to bad that the “Man-purse” company closed down, as those would have been perfect prizes. So, I have decided to give .jpegs of that beautiful painting titled “Fishing Boat”. The winners can use it as wallpaper on their computers. Of course it will be .jpegs of a limited run of the “Fishing Boat” painting and will not be placed up for sale elsewhere. The artist, Mr. T. Dickson will retain all copy write protection and publication rights. Winners will be allowed to use this .jpeg only on their own computer. Participants will be limited to one guess per day and the contest is not open to family members.

My wife just read this posting, over my shoulder, and wanted everyone to know that the reason she does not participate in this blog is because she has to listen to the musings of an old man all day long. She also had a derogatory remark about the name “Dick Dickson” and She also said she does not paint.

So all you bloggers get busy guessing my name. There is even a hint in my blog.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat on sea wall Posted by Hello This is a real milestone for me as it represents my 1st painting that really looks like it is suppose to. Kinda! This is a tough challenge as it requires so much practice to learn the techniques. I painted a tree and it looked like a tree without having to use too much imagination so long as you realized it was a winter tree. So I called it "Winter Tree" so the viewer wouldn't be misled. Notice that I threw in the words "on sea wall" so you wouldn't get confused and think it was the sky or something and that was the ladder to heaven.