Sunday, July 30, 2006

Our Local corn is up!

All you need is a Weber grill, dozen ears of corn, your favorite chair and a good beer!

Our Local corn is up! This past week it has just started hitting the farm stands and today, my wife and I, went out and got some for supper. Beautiful, beautiful corn and we have been waiting about 11 months for it. Lots of farm stands and lots of fields of corn, all waiting for us. Tomatoes were out, cucumbers looked good, lots of onions, potatoes and celery. Life is good. The kids were coming over for supper so we bought a dozen ears and for the 1st time I did them on the grill, in the husks. I’ve done them on the grill but never in their husks.
  1. cut tassels off of the corn

  2. strip off the extra outside husks

  3. Soak corn for at least one hour

  4. On a 350 degree grill put corn down

  5. Turn every 10 minutes or so for 30 minute This is how the husks looked after 15 minutes

If they are steaming they are done and if not steaming open the end of one and take a look. Probably done. Set aside and cook remainder of meal. I did this one with cheeseburgers and hot dogs and it sure was an easy meal.Candy corn, just as juicy, tender and sweet as it gets!


GG said...

Looks Yummy Ted....


keewee said...

Yummmm! this is the way to cook corn.

Cookie..... said...

Man Ted...did y'all have to do that to me...postin a photygraph of that there corn....Y'all know I don't have tooth in my head (and no dentures)...and I've always loved corn on the cob...drooooool

Ted said...

Thanks for the comments ladies----it was good!

Cookie--Sorry about that...I almost feel guilty! It tasted just like it looks [woops, sorry again]

bothenook said...

dooood. that looks so good. i'm going to have to raid the fridge. no grilled corn in there though.
darn it.

Ted said...

Hey bothenook!
I think I have got more comments on this corn posting than any of the others I've put up. Tomorrow I'm going to raid a local farm stand for more corn and vegetables because I think Great Grilled Chicken Kebabs and fresh corn is on the menu. Sorry Cookie.
Thanks for posting bothenook