Thursday, August 03, 2006

and more bee stories

Rather than let the subject die, I will offer up one more posting on the general subject of BEE’S. Every afternoon I close and lock three of our 4 gates at about 5 PM. At dark I come on back at dark and close the remainder gate. Our “back gate” as it is referred to by the crew has, at times, been a source of problems because wasps tend to create mini-colonies in the horizontal supports. They seem to do this rather quickly, at least so my research on the subject tends to show. A queen leaves a nest and takes a few various wasps with her to form a new nest. Well that is exactly what took place today as I was shaking that same gate this morning taking the lock off but the wasps were not there. She picked a spot inches away from the padlock that locks this gate, sometime during the day. They didn’t bother me as I unlocked the padlock but instead got me as I removed the short cable it was attached to. One of the little buggers got me on the left outside, fleshy part of my left hand. When that happened I noticed I had four or more hovering around my head and I chose to withdraw and assess my options. There was only one option available and that was to kill the little bastards so I can retrieve my padlock and finished the job. I opened my bed box and retrieved my trusty can of bee and hornet killer but I found it to be empty. There didn’t seem to be an abundance of little critters around and perhaps, using my trusty baseball cap [a genuine Red Sox cap it is] as a wasp killer, I could attack and kill or run them off and finish locking the gate……Naaa. I went to the shop and got another can of spray and that was the end of the story.

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