Sunday, March 11, 2007

Neat Photo

Thought that I might throw this picture in today. This is what my windshield looked like this morning at 8am. Yesterday at 8 it was 0 degrees and this morning it was 40. The sun was rising directly behind my truck so even though the temp was 40, the windshield was not directly in the sun. This was all ice crystals and it all quickly disappeared with one shot of windshield washer solution.


keewee said...

Isn't is interesting some of the beautiful designs mother nature leaves for us?

GG said...

Looks like feathers. THAT is the design I want on my texured walls in my bathroom. Ted...Do you think you could replicate that for me??


Ted said...

Sure GG
Got an extra chicken hanging around or should I bring my own?

Ted said...

Takes weather like you guys have all of the time, to make designs like those

GG said...

LOLOLOL........Well I KNOW that there be plenty of "hens" around....literally and figuratively( especially when Zayne is in town..LOL)....Bak Bak