Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stanley Park - pre-spring visit

Stanley Park..../early spring visit

My Daughter, Grandson and I took one our nicer mornings off and headed to Stanley Park in Westfield. Sam was app pumped up about the Ducks in the park and had read a bunch about them and the Geese on line. The Park isn't completely open yet so you have to do a lot of walking to get to everything. There were a ton of people walking dogs but all of them were on the leash. Lots of parents with little kids. A little tough to get down to the duck pond as the park waits for Mother Nature to remove the snow and ice she put there. Little bit to big to shovel all the sidewalks but it was manageable. Besides the snow lets you remember your in New England and Spring is not here yet. We had a great time.

My Grandson Sam looks over the Duck/Swan/Goose pond

There was a real Gaggle of Geese

Beautiful Mute Swan

Mallards everywhere and noisy to boot

Stanley Park in Westfield MA is a very beautiful facility and only a few blocks from the cemetery. We are very lucky to have it and it doesn't cost us a cent. Not even a tax dollar. Lots of wildlife, walking trails along a beautiful river and more picnic areas than you can imagine and all with a charcoal barbecue stand. We always have our family reunions there. Beautiful playgrounds for kids and lots of soccer fields and basketball courts. This doesn't even account for the world class flower gardens and the world renowned rose gardens and fountains and........

A very enjoyable moment for all three of us
Take a look for your self: Stanley Park


keewee said...

When i was a child,my Grandmother used to take me to Virginia gardens where there was a very large pond, with beautiful swans and ducks swimming around. we used to take bread along to feed these fun birds.
Your post brought back some very fond memories, thank you.

Ted said...

Hi Keewee,
Thanks for the comment. That was a neat experience again. We took a couple loaves of bread and even fed the squirrels. The white goose attacked me. Tried to peck a hole in the top of my foot. I don't sweat any old goose but if it was the swan I would have ran. They have a mean streak and bit you on the butt. Usually when they have babies around.
Ted said...

Ciao from Italy