Friday, September 11, 2009

Papa gets a new camera

This picture of the moon sent my heart racing as I looked at the camera and couldn't be happier. Got the camera with a 18-55mm zoom; a 75-300 lens; A tripod; backpack camera case; extra SD memory chips and a special one to use for movies. In case I didn't mention it has a 15.1 Mega Pixel CMOS sensor; 3" clear view LCD with live view;HD 1080p, 720p and VGA Video Capture. This is way more camera than I need but I had to spend my first social security check somewhere. I have had the camera since August 9th and I still don't know how it works for sure. Oh I can take dynamite photos alright but I haven't begun to understand the cameras potential. I spend all of my spare time[that is time I am not taking pics or working] trying to learn all about it but by the next morning I have forgotten everything from the nite before. I am old you know.

This afternoon I made an inspection trip to the cemetery to see that all was well as we were not working this weekend. At the top, where our forest starts, I got out of my truck and walked around. As I stood at the edge looking around I noticed some movement in the trees and about 20' up in the tree was a Pileated Woodpecker and his flaming red crest was glowing in the afternoon sun. He looked about 18 inches tall. My camera was back at my office, tucked away in the camera bag, waiting to spring into action. I flew back and retrieved my bag and as I got back I parked away and walked in, trying to be as sluthie and silent as an ex-Submarine Sailor could be. I found a spot where I could observe the tree in case the Woodpecker came back and froze for the next 45 minutes, tolerating being eaten alive by insects all for that one shot that I had just missed. You all know how this story ends so I won't bore you with the details. I have seen that woodpecker one other time. I think I will start sleeping with my camera just so I won't forget it again. So far I have missed the Woodpecker, a double rainbow, and a Bald Eagle. Just because you spend big bucks to buy the fancy camera and gear doesn't mean that you are going to get the good shots. You just have to be at the right place at the right time with your camera at the ready.Today I was at a funeral and as it was arriving, there were two Red Tailed Hawks circling a corner of the forest at about 50 feet and about 100' away but they might as well been a mile because I didn't have my camera. The list grows longer.

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Candiss said...

What a shot!! I too like to capture amazing stuff in my camera!!

Paula said...

Dear Old Man,

Can't find an email address on your blog, or would write. I'm a freelance writer, working on a story about the value of blogging for seniors. Could I ask you a few questions? Nothing too personal, but it might take you 10 minutes to answer. This is for a local Pioneer Valley newspaper. Will give you details when I hear from you. I don't have much time, so please respond before October 6, if possible.
Thanks in advance, if you're willing to help me on this project.