Thursday, February 24, 2005

A Family Affair

This blogging thing really catches on rather quickly. My little brother just posted his blog which is . G-G-G-Gary is a former professional writer [newspaper editor type] but manages to get hiself into trouble with his writing. Our 1st amendment right and Freedom of the press you know. Should be interesting.
My wife and daughter are, right now, joining Weight Watchers. I was supposed to join but decided not to. Joining would be right up there on my list next to elective surgery and following having a tooth pulled. I'll loose the weight somehow. It is one of my New Years Resolutions but I just haven't started yet. I probably should go back and revisit those resolutions and see what I haven't fulfilled yet. I do remember that taking up painting, was one of the resolutions. I have found a class, for free, but it requires me to take a couple of hours off every Tuesday and every Tuesday it seems that I have been so swamped that I can't take the time off.........Or is that just another excuse? While I am visiting my past, I reported to you on Jan 19th about this new wonder bed made by the "Deluth" company that, hopefully, Randy would not be able to eat. He had eaten 3 beds prior to the purchase of this bed. I am happy to announce that he still has been unable to penetrate the bed. Pulls it out, drags it around, chews on it regularly and sleeps on it but not tear it apart. He, accidently, managed to open it up once but has been unable to repeat. It has a velcro fastener on one end which allows you to clean the inside filling if necessary [how thoughtful]. He got it open and pulled out a small amound to spread around the kitchen but it must have closed up on him . This is, without a doubt, the single most important invention of the 21st century. They cater to the Tradesman and dogs, with clothing and tools Check it out.

Recently I got caught up in "The Pinewood Derby" craze, thanks to my daughter the Den Mother. She invited her Denparents, that didn't have the proper woodworking facilities in their homes to ours because her father has a woodworking shop and they could use his tools and instruction to help build their son's car. This is probably a lot like inviting the ladies over for tea. Heaven forbid that the house might be dirty. Wellll.............My shop looks like a tornado went through it. My construction activities, as of late, have been outside projects and the shop became only: a holding area for tools overnight; the workbenches convient spots to clean out nail aprons; shelving a good place to store ebay boxes; the floor a convient place for the Christmas decorations and patio furniture. Needless to say I could not let the Den fathers and mothers view, much less use, my shop in it's present state of dishovel. Sooo.......I took Friday off from work and after a hearty breakfast at my favorite restaurant [incentive from my wife] I started the job of cleaning and properly arranging my shop. It took all day and until noon the following day, the day the parents arrived. It looked rather spiffy I must say. The parents came, and their "little blocks of wood" in hand and with their children in tow. My Daughter, the consumate Den Mother, met them with special design sheets she had prepared to ease them through the design process and which was transferred to the "little blocks of wood" for cutting. I then took those "little blocks of wood", and with the parents watching, converted these "little blocks of wood"into future racing cars for the Pine Wood Derby circuit. The children who were thoroughly bored by now, were being led by my Grandson in outside in play [a blessing]. An afternoon of cutting, sanding and Derby Car strategy was spent by all. Soon everyone left, with all of their fingers intact, and I was happy to see them go. Last night was an evening spent painting cars, now that the routing and sanding is over. We still have to install wheels and weights but the hardwork is done. I turned to the internet for advice and don't you know their were thousands of sites to chose from. Some sites even had detailed discussions about the aerodynamic considerations and the physics involved. Others offered to sell things such as special designs and special insights into having a winning car. This turned into such a craze for the adults that they even have a racing class for them. My daughter has built her own car and drew flowers all over calling it "Flower Power". Who would have thought? When I was a Cub Scout, all we ever did was make crafts for our Mothers and wore stupid little blue hats with shorts bills.


Denise said...

I only remember being a member of one group growing up. It was called Pioneer Girls, ran out of some church we were going to at the time. I hated it. Uniforms to wear, and much girlie stuff to do. I'm sure I'd have liked Cub Scouts better. My highlight was going horseback riding, alas, I got stuck on some donkey looking creature that I couldn't make trot or gallop. I was stuck on this slowly plodding animal for an hour, walking around and around and around this big ring.
Yours sounds way more fun.

dayna said...

I can't stop lauging at the thought of Dick with all those woman at Weight Watchers. Please go one time just for the entertainment of your blog readers.

Ted said...

Your son will be of Cub Scout age soon and you could be his Den Mother. They only allow you to have about 8 kids in the Den so it isn't overwhelming. My daughters group spent yesterday [midwinter break] snowshoeing in the Berkshires. Lets not forget the Pine wood derby as you now have National Exposure on the race car circuit.Last Friday was The Blue and Gold Banquet where the Boys received their badges and my Daughter even got an award for her leadership skills. We ate hot dogs and mac and cheese. Boy, I feel another Blog coming on here.

*BTW* how's the smoking thing coming? Thanks for posting

Weigh-in is Thursday. Most of them don't like me because the meeting place is across the street from our church and I've been out there Thursday evenings kicking them out of our parking lot. There are some men that go. I'll probably go so that I can get to a svelt 185# [6'1"]and drive all the women nuts. I have not been 185 since 1980 when life got in the way but we will see.