Friday, February 04, 2005

Morning with the Dicksons

You were probably wondering how a day at our house starts, weren't you? Well I'm going to tell you. It always gets hairy when My wife, Daughter, Big Dog, Little dog and Guinea Pig all get in the same area at one time, first thing in the morning. No Grandson to add to the confusion because he was warmly snuggled back in bed because of a 2 hour snow delay. It started when I wrote on the blackboard, going out the door, a checklist for Daughter as she heads out the door for her teaching job "1] Don't forget your lunch, 2] Don't forget special bag for school 3] Don't forget to pick up medicine." All a thinly veiled reference to her action of yesterday morning. Meanwhile wife says to me "Did you feed Simon [little Dog]? I counter "Yes but maybe not enough " implying that I had given him food but not enough to make him get sick and throw up [which he sometimes does]. Wife says"You feed him what was left in the can and didn't want to open another can. didn't you? " Daughter responds "Yea". I strategically exit and go upstairs to get my belt and suspenders. When I come back down, I have gathered my reserves and had time to think things out. "Not only did I feed Simon[little dog] first, out of that can, but I fed Randy [Big Dog] out of the can also. Note: We feed Randy [big dog] by mixing 1/2 can of canned food with huge amounts of dried food thereby fooling him into thinking he is getting same food as Simon [Little Dog]. It works. And besides I was the one that opened that can last night and fed Simon[little Dog]" "Oh and by the way, no one has to go back upstairs and turn off the lights because I got them all" [a personal pet peeve of mine] I smugly add. My wife then calmly says "I don't know anything about any of this but I am going to go back upstairs and continue washing some more of your clothes." I quickly realized that I had left yesterdays clothes in a big pile on the bedroom floor instead of in the hamper. A big Pet Peeve of hers. Check and Check Mate.

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