Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Who is Dick Dickson

Observations from 2 bloggers about my last posting.
hokkaidoabbey said...
P.S. Doesn't that signature read "T. Dickson"? Even though Dick starts with a D?
7:13 AM

dayna said...
*gasp* You're right Hokkaido, I totally missed that. I bet his wife painted it and he's hogging the credit for it.
2:31 PM
I did paint it myself and without my wife’s help but “Who is Dick Dickson?” I have decided to hold a little contest to see if anyone can figure out my name. I want to give out prizes for those that guess correctly. It is to bad that the “Man-purse” company closed down, as those would have been perfect prizes. So, I have decided to give .jpegs of that beautiful painting titled “Fishing Boat”. The winners can use it as wallpaper on their computers. Of course it will be .jpegs of a limited run of the “Fishing Boat” painting and will not be placed up for sale elsewhere. The artist, Mr. T. Dickson will retain all copy write protection and publication rights. Winners will be allowed to use this .jpeg only on their own computer. Participants will be limited to one guess per day and the contest is not open to family members.

My wife just read this posting, over my shoulder, and wanted everyone to know that the reason she does not participate in this blog is because she has to listen to the musings of an old man all day long. She also had a derogatory remark about the name “Dick Dickson” and She also said she does not paint.

So all you bloggers get busy guessing my name. There is even a hint in my blog.


hokkaidoabbey said...

We COULD just steal the jpeg, but we're honest folks. Nonetheless, for such a grand accomplishment, I think the correct guesser should acquire the real painting.

Whichever. Your real name is Tillman.

dayna said...

LOL at your wife Dick. I wish she had a blog.

Hokkaido is right, if I win I want the original... you can paint another one.

My guess: Thadeous

dayna said...

She also had a derogatory remark about the name “Dick Dickson”

Still chuckling (sp)at that.

Denise said...

I'm going to guess Thomas.

Denise said...

How prophetic did THIS turn out to be!? *L* I found this remark in Dick -but-not-Dick's blog about Disbelievers.

"I would like to invite anyone that would like to vote with a comment on whether Dayna's demanding I publish another photo is justified or not. We must stop her as the next thing she will be saying is that my name really isn't Dick!"

Ted said...

Nice detective work Denise. I actually though that I would get someone to write something when I wrote that but no one bit.

Denise said...

I'm all about the great mysteries of the universe, present one now being your real name.

I wish your wife blogged, I KNOW she would tell us if for no other reason than to get you to stop using your present moniker.

Ted said...

Denise--Dayna--I would enjoy it if my wife blogged but she won't. Mabey I can get her to make some guest appearances so you all can see what I have had to put up with the past 38 years. I origionally wrote "Who is Dick Dickson?" or " Will the real Dick Dickson stand up", and her derogatory remark was "Dick Dickson will probaly never stand up again at least not in my lifetime" Ha Ha. Isn't she funny?

Hokkaido--No origional but I will push the price back to $1500, just for you. Tillman?? Is that a Nebraska name?? WRONG, Thadeous WRONG, Thomas WRONG.

dayna said...

Okay, I've decided I love your wife.

Do we get another shot at the name?

My second geuss, TED

dayna said...

Ive changed your link on my blog. Let me know if you are uncomfortable with that.