Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I stand corrected.

I owe Columbia Manufacturing a great big apology. A lot of you remember Colombia as a builder of really beautiful and great bike’s, don’t you? Well one of the blogs I read which is the Blog Brothers had a very good posting “Life as Part of a Bike” and another “Fin de Cycle, Part Deux” Both of these are great postings by a couple of rememberers. Check them out as it is well worth the trip. Well, I figured I would post a comment to these postings as I had knowledge about Columbia because they are located in our town Westfield. I stated that they were now making school furniture and had stopped making bicycles. Sunday night I unloaded a pickup full of items from the Kiwanis Auction which had just been held. We were to store these items in our garage overnight for pickup by the successful bidders the next day. Imagine my surprise when the first item I unloaded was the item in the following picture. A brand new ……..
Don’t you think I felt pretty smart. Well I carried this further and took a look at Columbia’s web site and what do you know; they had displayed 5 different models they make as well as a 125th Anniversary model special.Quoting from their website; “Today, when trendy mountain bikes and high tech bikes (some with 24 gears) are the norm, Columbia Manufacturing, Inc. of Westfield, Massachusetts is celebrating their 125th Anniversary with a special edition "Custom Deluxe" Cruiser. The Columbia Custom Deluxe has no fancy gears, but it does have a speedometer, clock, coaster brakes, white-walled tires, headlight, up-turned handlebars and a horn. Available in both men’s and ladies models, these classic cruisers are painted a deep rich opalescent blue and ivory and is accented with authentic frame decals.”
I did Columbia and The Blog Brothers a real disservice by speaking without checking my facts. I am truly sorry for that.


matt said...

I really like the bike. I wish they had a way you could order it online

Ted said...

Thanks for the comment Matt. I don't know how you buy their bikes and neither does anyone else I have asked. Tomorrow I am going over to the offices and see if I can find out. I'll post back here if I find out.