Sunday, March 05, 2006


Smith & Wesson is on the move

Steven B Skrubis, long gun product manager at S & W,

fires a few rounds with M&P 15

I live in the center of US gun manufacturing as Savage Arms is here in my hometown, Smith & Wesson is 16 miles away in Springfield MA and Colt Defense is 32 miles away in Hartford CT. Today’s Sunday Republican had a very interesting article by William Freebairn [] about Smith & Wesson. His article addressed S&W’s new release the M&P 15 which is a tactical rifle which has been available since January. The M&P 15T which is its top-of-the-line model with high-end accessory rail and battle sights sells for $1500, according to Freebairn. Firearms distributor, Camforur inc., which is located here in Westfield said it cannot keep the rifle in stock. The Sunday Republican article quotes Camfour president Michael Brown “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response”. Brown go’s on to say “The rifle is especially popular among gun dealers who specialize in carbines and lighter military-style rifles. Its main competitors will be products from Colt Manufacturing and Bushmaster”.

Joe Bergeron, handgun product manager at S&W, holds new M&P pistol

S&W has also taken a run at Glock with its plastic-frame pistol, the M&P 40 which features adjustable grips, an optional internal trigger lock, several ambidextrous features and retails for $675 according to Freebairn. This gun has been available for 6 months.

The most interesting addition to S&W’s arsenal is the “X-frame .50 caliber gun. This is all part of S&W’s plan to release a special kit for hunters, fishing enthusiasts and hikers that contains this revolver and other survival equipment as part of an “emergency survival tool kit”. “The kit also includes a chopping knife, signal mirror, fire-starting device and tree-cutting chain” and according to William Freebairn’s article “the highlight for some will be a book about bear attacks and yellow or orange waterproof case.” This kit is to be unveiled in May at the National Rifle Association show and prices are not yet set.

If you refer back to an earlier posting of mine concerning my “Bear Protector” while I was in Montana, you will agree that the S&W .50 caliber would be a big improvement for me.

My thanks to William Freebairn for his article and Mieke Zuiderweg for his photo’s both are of The Sunday Republican

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