Monday, February 27, 2006

My Bear Killer

Colt single action frontier scout .22 LR
This was my very 1st pistol. Bought it in SD when I was about 16 at a local Hardware-military surplus-everything store. The owner had been my next door neighbor when I was younger. Took it everywhere and did everything with it. Always my companion on every hunting excursion. When I worked for my father, in the woods, I was a lumber scaler which meant I would follow the log cutters in the woods and kept track of their lumber scale so they could get paid. I was everywhere, also tracking the skidders and the truckers. Always had my pistol with me as it was all big rattlesnake country. I would get a snake once every couple of days.
When I was off to college at Montana State University at Missoula, my Colt went with me. We spent a lot of time, my buddies and I, exploring the terrain around Missoula. Lots of rivers and lots of trees and lots of bears. In those days we had Black Bears on campus in the mornings and you could see them grazing on the hill sides. I think about the only thing I could have done with my pistol, in a Grizzle attack, would have been to hit the bear really hard on the nose with the butt of the gun. Shooting the bear with my .22 would have really pissed them off. Luckily we were never confronted up close. While at MSU, I got into fast drawing and it was during one of those sessions that the frame got broke. I got a new piece from the factory but I never got around to bluing it to match. Just didn't seem important.
Never could target shoot but I could sure shoot anything that you threw in the air, with it. I would practice just enough to keep my qualifications up for being a cop but I just didn't like practicing. When it came to the bad guys, if they would jump up in the air I could probably pierce both ears for them before they hit the ground but if they stood still, the buildings behind them were problably safe.
I have not shot my frontier scout for 20 years now. I had to go to a friends house to even look at my gun and take the picture you see here. As you know, I live in a state that is very unfriendly to firearms and their users. Possessing a pistol in MA is worse than robbing a bank. If I used my pistol to protect my home from a nitetime burglar I would probably go to jail for a longer term than the burglar because I don't have a permit to carry a pistol. Maybe I will go out and get my firearms permit and apply for a pistol permit so I can get my gun back. Even target practice is a problem because now the environmentalists want to to sue because you are contaminating the water table with lead????


Mr. Completely said...

Great story. I'd love to get the chance to shoot it with you some time......

....Mr. C.

Anonymous said...

I too used to live in state (NJ) that frowns on handgun ownership. I moved South 17 years ago to VA, a lot more freedom and more guns as well. You have my sympathy.

Kerry said...

Hi Ted,
Just a technicality...but MSU is and always has been Montana State University in Bozeman. It is the rival school of University of Montana in Missoula. Because we are rivals we are a little sensitive about the common mix up.

Ted said...

Hi Kerry

Thanks for the comment. You really got me to thinking with your comment so I went off searching for my old year book (1962). Thought I was losing my mind or at the very wortst I was getting Old Timers disease. Found it and right on the cover it says "Sentinel '62 Montana State University".Found some pages the show the annual homecoming game between Montana State Univ (MSU) and Montana State College (MSC) at Billings. Somewhere along the line MSC became MSU and MSU became University of Montana. Happened after 1962 and if I had an email I would send you some photos of the big game from our yearbook but "MSU is and always has been Montana State University in Bozeman" is partialy untrue. Think I will do a posting on this one and see what I can dig up for coments. Keep in touch.

Mike said...

Nice story, I live in Texas, and handguns are no problem to own and carry with a permit...
I had been admiring a used Frontier Scout at a local pawn shop for a couple of months now..Today, I bought it at half of what they were asking..It's a P model, with the stag style grips, one side is broken, but it just adds character, it came with the .22 mag cylinder and I can't wait to see how it shoots..
God bless you, and hope you get a permit so you can get your gun back.
Take care, Mike

tarak said...

I inherited one of these from my grandfather. great little gun. I wrote a blog about it at