Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Great Party

Hi Friends. Another great dog story. This posting is a repeat of one that I posted earlier, last year, but I wanted to do it again because you need to fully understand what a warped woman my wife is before you can fully appreciate my stories about her and what I have to put up with.

This one is about Abbey and is about my wife’s favorite party. To bring you up to date, Abbey was a small Shih Tzu that my daughter brought into our house to become a playmate for Cody who was a small Rat Terrier and whatever crawled under the fence. Mommy kitty [who came to us in a blizzard with a load of kittens in her belly] was between litters and had adopted Abbey as one of her own, regularly bathing her and trying to feed her by bringing small dead animals and bugs into our house. Cody was about 4 when Abbey came and he completely ignored her, just assuming she was another one of those cats. One day, after 3 weeks, she finally barked and then Cody realized she was a dog. He jumped up and ran over and smelled her. They immediately became great friends but Momma Kitty wan't about to let her go. Abbey would walk by and Momma Kitty would reach out with a big paw and knock her down and then hold her down while she bathed her from top to bottom. We held a big family party [my wife’s family] in our backyard one Saturday. Very well attended and some of her Aunts and older Cousins were a bit of the stuffed shirt variety. The party was a little weak with a lot of polite visiting and we felt we were under a microscope. Some relations were hiding in a back corner under the tent and others had grabbed the best chairs and were up front by the food. Cody and Abbey were allowed to run loose and visited everyone. They loved it as they were getting lots of petting and a little food at the same time. Abbey was standing in the middle of the group and suddenly gave out with a loud “huh---Urk”, which garnered everyone’s attention, and she coughed up a dead, slime covered, whole, mouse. One of Momma Kitty's presents. Well everyone started screaming. They apparently thought Abbey was possessed and had spit up an alien life form. I was disgusted and was grabbing paper towels to get the mouse picked up. I was expecting my wife to help me pick it up or at least grab the dog but my wife was in a fit of hysterics, Uncontrollable laughing hysterics and holding her side unable to speak or breath [she did that once at a wake but that’s another story]. After everyone regained their composure the party went on and my wife was sent away to laugh in private. When able to speak she just said, “The sight of that mouse coming out and those old ladies screaming was too much”. No one wanted to hold cute, little, Abbey after that but it was my wife's favorite party??

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keewee said...

LOL I can see why the party was your wife's favorite. Nothing like a little upchucked slimy mouse, to unsettle 'stuffed shirts'