Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A parking Ban?

I get to remembering, for a postings, and sometimes it is not very easy to recall all of the little details for a particular post. Even if it is a subject I remember a lot about, it still takes a lot of time on the internet to jog my memory for the whole story or a call to one of my brothers for details.. When I wrote the post about the Polio epidemic in the 50’s I could not recall when the events actually took place. A search on the word polio got me into the proper year and a couple of sites even brought back some other memories so that I could do a good job with the post. Sometimes I remember things that I have suppressed for the past 50 years and I don’t want to remember so I have to get away from it for a while. It takes a while to shake these moments off and when it happens I usually turn to the present to blog about. I am enjoying my present life with my wife of 39 years with me and my daughter, son-in-law, grandson and two dogs all just 5 blocks away. The whole screwy bunch gives me armloads of material to write about and I will turn to that, for this blog, at least for a little while.

I am not much of one to go to the movies or even watch movies on TV at home so last week, when I accept an invitation to go to the movies, my whole family was in shock, even the dogs. It wasn’t just a trip to the movies, it was a trip to the movies with the girls. I went with my wife, my sister-in-law and my daughter [on the occasion of her birthday because wild horses couldn’t draw me into this, normally]. I brought along my notebook as I felt there would be 100’s of blogable events that would occur, and I wouldn’t want to forget them. I wasn’t to be disappointed. They had decided on seeing “The Pink Panther” with Steve Martin. [I just typed in with Peter Sellers which is probably the last time I went to the movies]. When we arrived at the Theater Complex, my wife was driving the van and it was 10 degrees with a 20mph wind outside. I suggested that she drive to the front door area, the ladies could disembark, and I would see to the parking. My wife gave me explicit directions on where to park and how to get the best parking spaces. They left and I headed out to the great world of parking lots on a Saturday night at 7:30 pm where the maximum number of cars had already arrived. There were no close spots as I drove the lot for 15 minutes. The movie was soon to start so I was forced up on the dreaded second tier. I got as close to the theater as I could. I was not alone as there were dozens of people exiting their vehicles all around me. There is an enclosed skywalk connecting this parking lot with the theater. When I got inside my wife inquired as to where I had parked. I replied “Pretty Close” and we went in to watch the “not real great” Pink Panther. When we exited, via the covered skywalk, my wife said “just where did you park that was “Pretty Close”? “Oh, just up here by the trees’ I replied. “MY GOD”, she hollered, “You are hereby banned from ever parking the van again. I noticed when we left that she hadn’t buttoned up her coat, wasn’t wearing gloves and no hat. I’m sure she was just cold and really didn’t mean what she was saying? I’m sure she didn’t really mean to say “Banned from parking”. After 39 years I don’t think she has the power to say that…….does she??


keewee said...

I am a little ahead of you in movie viewing at a complex. I have been to see all of The Lord Of The Rings movies, before that, I cannot remember.
Yep! you better believe it, you are "banned from parking"

Ted said...

Hey! I was counting on you to be on my side. Must be a female 'thing' just as I suspected.

Ted's daughter said...

I was there and he did park 'way out', but the parking lot is also screwy. It is long and narrow closer to the buildings and they have a ridiculous amount of handicapped spots that are never occupied. You have to walk quite a ways to even get out of the handicapped section.