Sunday, February 26, 2006

Flat Stanley goes to the Pomeroy Sugar House

Flat Stanley arrives at Pomeroy Sugar House

This morning my wife and I took our grandson Sam and Flat Stanley to the Pomeroy Sugar House in Westfield for breakfast because it is Maple Syrup Time in the Berkshires. The weather has been good and the syrup has been flowing for a few weeks now. Warm days and cool night make the syrup flow.
Flat Stanley taps a tree and gathers syrup
This only happens once a year and if the Sugar Maples are not tapped at the right time then the season is short and the taps' close up.
When the syrup flows, from the trees, the Pomeroy family starts their restaurant up for the next 8 weeks. The restaurant is located around the Sugar House so as you eat you can look into the sugar house and watch the family making Pure Massachusetts Maple Syrup in their gleaming, new, stainless steel boiling pots.
Sam and Flat Stanley eat a hearty breakfast
When you are done eating your pancakes, French toast or waffles, with bacon or sausages, you can wander into the boiling area and someone will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about making Maple Syrup.

At our present house, several years ago, I tapped two trees in our backyard and made Maple Syrup. First I started boiling the syrup in the kitchen, as it has to be reduced 40:1, but shortly my wife ran me outside as the entire house smelled like maple syrup. Outside I switched to propane and my setup for boiling steamers[steamed clams from the cape] and that worked just fine. I went through 3-2o# bottles of propane to make about about 2 quarts. That amounted to $13.50 worth of propane per quart of maple syrup. I switched back to buying it at the farm stores after that.

As you can see by the pictures that Flat Stanley was along and if you don't remember, he is the character in the Flat Stanley books. He was my grandson's 3rd grade project for the weekend so we made him part of our Sunday morning adventure.


keewee said...

It looks as though all had a fun time. I have never tried Pure maple syrup, it is probably about time I did.

Ted said...

Hi Keewee
It was fun. What we found out last year was that we were in the very center of Maple Syrup production in this country, including making our own, and we looked at our own usage and found we were using artificial Maple Syrup "Lite". Yuk. We don't eat a large amount of pancakes in our house but when we do we use Maple Syrup from our neighbors. It helps them make a living and our other neighbors with a job. Its like buying apples from a big box grocery chain when 5 miles up the road you can get fresh apples off the tree or pick our own blackberries, our buy fresh corn from a farm stand. It is time to try pure maple syrup because artificial is artificial. Thanks Ted

Ellen said...

Another tidbit about pure maple syrup for those who are sensitive to sugar... I have been told that pure maple syrup does not send your blood sugar way out of whack like regular syrup.