Monday, February 06, 2006


The president has absolutely nothing to do with this posting but it sure makes a great lead.The following message was left as a comment on my posting about my recent stress test ”Now ‘Old man muser’ what you say we compare ‘Colonoscopies’.I'll be polite and let you begin. Best regards and continuing GOOD health from:A grumpy old 63 year old.” This is not my favorite subject to write about but I feel I must. If you are going to soon have a Colonoscophy I would advise you not to read this posting.

I had one because my Dr. said I was 60 years old so I needed one. He asked me who I wanted and I replied that I didn’t care and so he recommended a Dr that was in the building and I said Ok. When I told my wife she came unglued as she knew this woman Dr that was suppose to be the best around and she had never heard of the one I picked. “There is something un-American in the whole concept of having a female stick something up my butt to see if I am sick or not” I shouted. “But she is the best” she equally shouted. [She is really good at this equally shouting thing and it kinda takes the bite out of my shout] “Well it is never going to happen to this butt,” I quietly added. She refrained from answering and only smiled. That must mean I won the argument.

I went to meet the Doc and didn’t really like him. Something about him that I didn’t trust but I went ahead with the whole thing anyway. It was done at the local hospital and I had spent the evening before drinking fowl stuff and taking things to clean me out. Guess it worked because they let me take the test. Don’t remember much because they put me out with something. [My wife would add at this juncture “Probably a club”] I awoke in the middle of the procedure with all sorts of people around the world’s worst gut ache and me. There was a Nurse holding my head telling me “breath deep, it will be over in a few more minutes”. I remember breathing as deep as I could and the pain would not go away and like I would go to sleep again and wake up with this gut ache. Finally it was over and I was in the recovery room when I woke up. I remember the Dr. coming in and saying that they didn’t find anything and left and then the Nurse came back in. “Are you OK?” she inquired? “I thought we were going to loose you in there”. “What” I asked “What are you talking about, because the Dr. came in and said everything went well and I was OK.” She told me how my blood pressure had bottomed out from too much medication as I was responding badly to the pain. The Dr. was doing something wrong and I was being given more and more pain medication to counteract it until they couldn’t give me anymore. That was why I woke up and the Nurse was saying breath deeply, and that was the end of the procedure. Wow. I was way to groggy to fully understand all of this. I went to my regular Doctor and told him what had happened. He told me not to worry because they pulled that Drs, right to practice at the hospital and he had left town…………..What the Hell! When I told my wife about all the details she said those three little words. ”Told you so” and that was the end of that.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you "pulled" through that and were able to post your experience.

I've had 2 colonoscopies within the past 7 years. Last one was June 2005. Can't say I enjoyed them. But at least I didn't have to pay for 'em either.

In my estimation the worse part was the drinking of 2 quarts of nasty tasting stuff and spending the who day before the procedure on the john.

Both times I was knocked out "lightly" and can remember the uncomfortable feeling of something rooting around in my intestines.

Afterwards the doctor (Male type) told me the discomfort was from him blowing air into the intestine to inflate it so he could get a good view on the camera. He had a BIG grin on his face when he told me he went up 43 inches (OUCH) and found everything OK.

The part i didn't like was when he shook my hand and said: "I'll see you again in 4 years!"

EEEEEEK, June 2009 is almost here!


From a grumpy old 63 year old.

Ted said...

Hi Grumpy
Mr real Doc, not the one on 60 minutes, told me about the air thing being the cause of my pain. Said we should look into the mediacation used to make me sleep next time. Don't think there is going to be a next time for this guy unless it is with the lady Doc! Thanks for posting a comment.

Anonymous said...

Good to know you Ted.

By the way "Grumpy old 63 year old" is really 63, but my name is Ed and I'm originally from New Jersey.

Ted said...

Nice to make you acquaintance. I do appreciate your posting on my blog. Where are you from now?

SunsetMan said...

I just had my first Colonoscophy at age of 66. Except for the needle sticks and the evening before, my procedure went well. Read about my post here.

Oh BTW my Doc was a female.

keewee said...

My first colonoscopy is coming up soon, I can hardly wait until it is all over.I am barely five foot tall do you think I can get away with drinking less than 2 quarts of the nasty stuff? didn't think so.

Ted said...

Hi Keewee
Been sitting here for the past 2 hours trying to fight blogger and post 2 gun photo's to my next posting but to no avail. I was just calling it quits for tonight. My wife just had her 1st one also and she thought exactly the same thing. She is just over 5' and asked her Doc. Lady Doc said absolutely not but she still didn't drink it all. Poured the last glass or so down the toilet and said that's where it was suppose to go anyway and went to bed. Worked and she had a good test.
Good night