Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'm Back

I’m back! Took a little trip with “Self Pity” for a while and now that I have it all back in perspective I think I will write some more. To all of you who e-mailed me, during my trip, thank you very much. I appreciated your concern. I had a heart attack and a whole lot of tests and it knocked me for a loop. Not that the heart attack was bad or anything because I wasn’t even aware of it. A few weeks ago I had a Cardiac Catheterization and then that is when they found it. The damage from the heart attack and all of the blocked arteries at the bottom of my heart. Seems like the blocked arteries were bypassed by some new arteries that replaced them. Who would have thunk that would happen? The Doc’s got my blood pressure down and I have to lose weight, a lot of weight, [about 100 lbs] and I should live a while longer, a lot longer. Seems that my cholesterol is high also and I have some more buildup occurring and I have to get rid of it. Guess that is the part that is inherited
I wasn’t expecting all of this and I didn’t like the idea and I kept saying to myself that this has got to be someone else and not me. I guess this is where my realization of mortality kicked in for the second time in my life. The first time was when I was a cop, racing back and forth across South Dakota solving homicides and chasing Indian problems at a 140 mph. Something kicked in about dying because I hit a deer or blew a tire and never getting to know my family or my little girl. Today it is being around for my wife, our daughter and her family. Now I have to just figure out this diet thing. Tomorrow I have my first appointment with my Cardiologist and maybe he can shed some light on dieting and exercising. I”ll let you know.

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