Sunday, September 24, 2006

Cat purrfect day

Purrsey thought he would define the words "Getting Comfortable". To top it all off, that is the dogs bed.

Wife went to 6 Flags today with the kids so I spent the day doing a couple of projects and then cleaning the house. Wife usually takes care of the cats litter box and I thought I would give her a break and do it. Spilled a full litter box on the living room carpet. Boy did that stink. When I went to fill the box I dropped the bag of clean litter because the bag slipped as I was filling the box and I have a bad bicep muscle from an injury and now I have a very bad bicep muscle. I then went and took a nap.


GG said...

Hey Ted....How about a blog about Simon....He is a sweety!!!

keewee said...

I have the impression that Purrsey is not your most favorite cat in the world.

Gold star to you for taking care of his litter while your honey was away for the day.