Thursday, September 21, 2006

Cat blog Monday

I can’t really find anything nice to blog about the cat but we still have him so here goes. The only reason we still have the cat is because when I tried to give him away my grandson threw a fit. He contributes almost nothing to the household except a lot of poop. He eats a lot and now poops a lot. In case you don’t remember Purrsey, the one and only time I have spent any effort to write about him was apparently we got him on May 5th, 06. another one was

. Wrote about him more than I thought. Now it gets interesting from the “I-think-im-in-trouble-now posting”. For those of you that do not remember that posting, did not ever see it in the 1st place or don’t care to go back and read it I will give you the following synopsis:

Purrsey finds plant on top of desk and knocks it to the floor

This is the spider plant Purrsey didn’t like resting on top of the roll-top desk

This is the spider plant after 1st Aid has been applied

Sometimes my wife’s plants fail to properly perform and they must be taught a lesson. If they upset her then they are placed in isolation for a while. Isolation is usually some far away place where they can be properly ignored. This is the spider plant, today, after being ignored for 5 months. Poor spider plant.

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