Saturday, May 06, 2006


Here he is. Our latest addition to our menagerie of four legged friends. His name is Percy and as Sam says it “Percy, get it? Purrcee”. The cat was at the pound and had been there for a week with no takers. My wife loved him, so home with us he came. We only have Simon, a 12 year old Shih Tzu, at our house and Simon is really pleased with our new addition. The two really get along great.

To me it is just another cat but Dale was thrilled to learn that it is a Blue Point Siamese. Saving the cat requires money so donations will be appreciated. You can send them to The Ted Dickson Save The Cat Foundation in care of Theodore Dickson, Foundation President, 140 West Silver St, Westfield, MA 01085. Donations of between $25 - $50 will receive some internet information on Siamese cats. Donations of between $50-$500 will receive a beautifully framed membership certificate of proof of membership in the T.D.S.T.C.F. signed by the Foundation President plus the internet information on Siamese Cats. Donations of over $500 will receive all of the above plus an elegantly framed glossy photo of "Percy" the Blue Point Siamese. For $1,000 donations I can probably manage to smuggle the cat out and ship it to you. I prefer cash but will accept money orders, paypale, checks and stamps.

Thanking you in advance for your Donation
Very sincerely
Theodore R. Dickson Foundation President

p.s. There are also a limited number of animal helper positions available for a donation of between $100-$500. You will get a “Special Helper” badge for your smock and get to clean the liter box. Please bring your own slotted scoops. Only a few positions are available.

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keewee said...

Percy is a beautiful cat. I would have brought him home too.