Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sheriff had to take them away.

Randy and Boo went on the lam but got caught and landed in the hoosegow. It seems that their parents had a small fire, in their home the other night, and the house had to be ventilated. Windows, fans, etc. to get the burnt popcorn smell out. Well in the process, a door that doesn’t normally get opened was left ajar and no one but the two bad guys noticed. The next morning Mike and Ellen go to work and Sam goes to school. The greatest adventure of all awaits the two sneaks as they slowly steal their way to freedom and a “Great Adventure”, all of their own. Well the two really are not very brave and they sort of hang out in the area, much like a kid skipping school who has to come back to the school he is skipping from, to hang out. Finally some lady checks the dogs out and tries to call but no answer at home, so in desperation she calls the Animal Control Officer and he shows up and snags the two renegades and locks them up in a doggie holding cell in order to cool their heals. So the two got to have a sleepover with a whole bunch of new friends.

My wife and I are the only people that could get away from work to try and spring the two wayward pups. First stop was City Hall with Rabies Inoculation records in hand because daughter had neglected to purchase City Registration Tags as rebellious puppies could not be released without proper registration at $5 each but wait. No proof of being neutered? Add $15 each for a new total of $40. Trip to Southwick, our neighbor to the East with whom we share town dog kennels. Renegades had been housed overnight, that will be $25 each plus $50 Administration Fee [This is the fine for dogs running loose] and a new total of $140. There is a hidden fee involved as wife fell in love with a little, white, kitten that was on the hit list. Cost as of this writing prior to vet expenses $70. So far these two unruly puppies have cost me $210 with more to come. The kennels were very neat and tidy and the two officers involved were very nice. There is a real moral to this story. “Stay out of your daughters business”

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