Friday, May 19, 2006

We are swamped

We are swamped!

Only 10 more days until Memorial Day! As you may know, my wife and I operate a cemetery of 57 acres and 18,000 deceased and Memorial Day is our most important day of the year. 80% of all the people that visit the cemetery, every year, will do so on Memorial Day or at least Memorial Day weekend. They judge our operation skills based only on one visit. It isn’t fair but that’s the way it is. This is a bad Spring for us as we went through a long dry spell in April and now a prolonged rainy spell. All of the grass seed we put down in April has perished because there was no rain, as there normally is in April. We don’t have time to replant. Yesterday was our first day that we could get back on mowers and we need two mowing and a good weedwhacking of the 57 acres before Memorial Day. I have one guy to help me but he is a really good worker and my son-in-law helps out on Monday and Tuesday. We have 7 major beds to put in and we also have foundations to put in for all of the gravestones purchased over the winter. It will be a busy 11 days but we will get there, as we always manage to pull it off. Then we rest until next spring. Right now we are working 10-12 per day for 7 days a week and there is very little time for posting or reading. I’ll be back, right after memorial day and in the mean time I will try and get off a couple of postings.


Cookie..... said...

Ya know had never ever occured to me before readin this that Cemetaries had a "busy season"...yes...sounds like y'all got a ton a wourk ahead of ya....tace care and God Bless....

bothenook said...

i'm with cookie, who would have thought a cemetary would be "slammed".
work hard, and then relax amigo. we'll keep the bubbleblogosphere up and running while you are gone.