Monday, May 08, 2006

Whirley Thing

This is a picture of my Wife’s new flower garden. A few months ago it used to be a poop garden but Mike, Ellen and Sam bought a house and took the dogs with them. I took down the poop garden fence as we didn’t need it anymore. Originally there were two big maple trees in the poop garden but they were dying, in sad shape and we had them removed along with their stumps. We cleaned up all the old poop, brought in new topsoil and like magic, a garden was ready for planting. Saturday was the first day for a trip to the garden center as she wanted some good roses to be the anchors of the garden and they had them. The Poop garden is the destination for a Hydrangea bush that isn't showing well and some Azalea's that will be getting their last chance. She picked up a few other plants to continue the process and we well keep picking them up until she is happy with how it looks.

This garden is about 40 feet by 6 feet. Additionally we have planting areas across the front, planting area on either side of the main sidewalk and another one across the side yard about 4 by 60. She will be busy as we have four formal gates that need designing and other areas inside the cemetery that need attention. Her most important one, I think, will be the one that replaces the poop garden. It is an interesting time of year as we haul truckloads of flowers from various wholesalers and a trip or two to a wholesaler that sells trees and shrubs. Slow down Ted! I think I’ll do a few separate postings on her planting projects and get back to this posting.

The Whirly Thing in the center of the picture is a present from my daughter to my wife for some reason or another. I’ve noticed that Mothers and Daughters tend to do that for each other. It’s like they really aren’t spending the money if they are buying it for each other, or something. I don’t even pretend to understand the process or the logic but I do know enough to leave the subject alone, Now. When the sun is out and there is a breeze, the Whirly Thing is something to behold and is a great centerpiece for the garden. Glad she didn’t buy a globe as I don’t like globes but now that I mention it, I think my wife likes Garden Globes. Soon the plants will be all in, the garden mulched and edged and Ted gets the fence fixed or replaced. After a couple of weeks of sun, more plants, water and fertilizer I’ll take some pictures of the finished garden.

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