Sunday, December 31, 2006

The dogs did it again!

The dogs did it again By helping our daughters family enjoy their Christmas presents. It seems that Mikes family sent out some of their presents UPS and they sent them early, I might add. Mike Ellen and Sam live on a corner and the UPS driver delivered them to the back of the house instead of the front and put them on the back steps. He went through the gate to get to the steps. The gate is in the fence that keeps the dogs from running wild and they were in the garage sleeping at the time. They awoke and checked out the packages and went Wahoo! Inside of one of the packages was a case of World Famous, Bear Butte brand, Sturgis SD beef jerky . They ate it all making quick work of the packaging, as you might tell from the photos. Boo, the black Lab, probably ate the most because he had a powerful thirst that night when his masters came home (the jerky is a little bit salty). They took the dogs for walks but through the front door and never noticed the destruction out back. Don't stop reading yet as the devastation is not over yet. The dogs sleep in an upstairs, walk-in closet off of Sam's room. Randy sleeps on the floor and Boo inside a cage as he tends to wander a lot and besides he likes the security. Well, Boo's powerful thirst, alluded to earlier, transformed itself into an awful lot of Pee later on in the night. Boo's cage has a plastic bottom to it and he quickly filled it up, about 1" deep. That left no where for him to sleep so he just laid down in the cage. When Ellen got him out so he could go out, the next morning, she let him out of the cage and what is a Dog to do except shake himself and get the pee off of his coat. Shake all over the clothes in the closet and all over Ellen and all over downstairs as he headed for the door. The packaging has been transferred to our house [because someone is usually home] as we await the insurance inspector. Everyone should have a couple of big dogs in their house to help them keep a tidy house.


T. F. Stern said...

We had to make our two dogs outside beasts this past year. The older "Puppy" has become incontinent and the other would sleep on the sofa and even our bed as soon as we left. The house smells so much better now and they have the garage with two fluffy beds and can sleep in the laundry room if the weather turns cold. They have it made.

Happy New Year and glad you stop by now and again to comment.

T. F. Stern said...

Ted, Just noticed that the piece of funiture is nearly identical to one we have. My folks gave it to us when they sold their Houston house and went to Florida.

Rhea said...

I live in Boston. Where do you live? Are you really in a cemetery!?

Ted said...

Hi Rhea
Thanks for the comment and visiting my blog. I live in Westfield and we do indeed live in a cemetery. Actualy our home is directly across the street from the cemetery and the house is provided to us because my wife is the superintendent and it goes with the job. The cemetery maintence shops and office are about 50 feet behind our home.

Ted said...

Mr. Stern
Thanks for the posts. The dog thing really is a problem to be solved isn't it. I think we like our pets to much.