Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm growing hair again

Yup, it's true. I'M GROWING HAIR again. I have not had any hair, to speak of, for the past 20 years and here I am growing new hair on my head, right out of the blue. We all just noticed my head, yesterday, so it is a rather new phenomena and I feel that I should share it with the world. My sister-in-law is a Barber and for the past 25 years has cut my hair and she gave me my last hair cut on Sunday but didn't notice my new follicles but my wife did. There is so little hair, up there, that she cuts if for free. My wife said that she noticed my hair was 'fuzzy' since my last cut. My daughter said my hair appears thicker. On the front of my head I have one, long, hair that is definitely Brown in color, not white like all of the rest, and it is constantly hanging down in front of my eyes. I constantly have to toss my head to keep it out of my eyes. Sometimes I just sweep it back with my hand but it falls back in front of my eyes. Long hair is such as hassle.

I don't know where this sudden growth is coming from but I would bet it has something to do with the medication I am on. Who cares, just as long as it is growing. The past 40 years, people have always had something to say about my fading locks and it was usually someone with a full head of hair. Well I will not stand around and let people kick sand in my face any more. Mr Nice is taking the gloves off. I am going to go out and find a few of those "tricksters" who have since had their golden locks fall and kick a little sand of my own.

At supper tonight, we were discussing my situation and I asked my Grandson Sam what he thought. Sam is now 10 and he looked up from his gaming device and slowly perused my head and at the end he switched his gaze back to the gaming screen and casually said "Hope your hair comes in full by the time I leave the house!". I think it is coming in quicker than that.

I know that most of you don't find this as earth-shattering news but just realize what I am going through: I have to spend more money on hair care products; Plugging the bathtub drain might sometimes be my fault; Tomorrow night I think I will spend the evening comparing hair blowers; I am actively comparing hair colors. Oh ya, that first picture of before and after isn't really me. I don't think I have that much hair yet. We're doing our own before and afters and will post the photo's when there is a difference to show. Shouldn't be very long.


keewee said...

How about that?
I used to say to MrC who is thin on top, "god made so many perfect heads, the rest he put hair on"

Ted said...

Well said Keewee.