Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pokemon International trading

Earlier this afternoon, my family and I were having lunch at our local McDonald's using their latest coupon book which allowed for a basic buy one and get one free. I glanced down at my grandson Sam and he was playing with his DS. The Nintendo DS [according to Wikipedia] is a handheld game console developed and manufactured by Nintendo. . So I said "what's he doing?" and my daughter replied saying "he is using his DS and Wi-Fi to trade players around the world??????? I then answered her answer with a question "Say WHAT"? I remembered that McDonald's had installed Wi-Fi [it is a system that allows you Internet access from a laptop computer or obviously from some game consoles] a while ago, which I assumed was in competition with Star Bucks as it would encourage people with laptop computers to come in and hang-out a while. Sam answered by shoving the DS screen into my face to prove that was what he was actually doing. All I could see was Japanese writing on the screen and Sam said "that is who he was trading with and they were trading Pokeman players". It was obvious that Samuel was quite pleased that he knew and I did not. At this point the women got up and left for shopping [Saturday afternoon and All] and Sam and I opted out because I had my truck and we both hate shopping. We stayed at Mickey-Dees for a while as my Grandson was continuing his down loading and I was enjoying visiting some friends of ours from the church. She asked me what Sam was doing and I answered "Talking with some kid in Japan I guess". When we got to my house I quizzed Sam on his trades: he traded a Level 100 Palkia.for a Celebi Makes sense to me. Sam is 10 and I am 64!


Anonymous said...

Chinese, Japanese, Dirty knees....Look at these.


Ted said...

You have outdone yourself