Monday, November 19, 2007

Shaving gone crazy

Here I am at 8PM standing in line at the cosmetics counter inside my local Walgreens Drug store waiting for the clerk to get off the phone with her husband. "Why am I here?" you might ask. " Well I am here waiting to buy razor blades of course. It seems that my razor blades, Gillette Mach 3, are such a highly pilfered item that they are kept behind lock and key in a secure cabinet guarded by armed Pinkerton Agents with only the Cosmetic lady having the secret combination. "What happened to my shaving needs?" I asked myself as I waited. For a long time I used a shaving cup and brush and shaved with a single edge razor blade. Over the years, I switched back to that method more than once but my wife or someone would buy me an electric razor and out the window would go the brush and cup. The different electric razors I used were each very good, for a while, and then they would mysteriously get dull. I suspected people of the opposing sex, daughter and wife, would secretly start using my razor which would cause it to go dull. All that you can do with a dull electric razor is change the shaving heads but that never seemed to work right, so in the garbage they would go. I always noticed that when I threw my razor away, both wife and daughter would soon be sporting new electric razors?????? I have tried just about every type of shaving instrument that was ever made. The last I remember about my razor purchases was buying double sided blades and experimenting with different type of shaving creams. The next thing was I somehow got on the Christmas list as needing razors and my wife,bless her heart, slowly moved me up the list with the purchase of; single edge high performance blades, to double edge high performance blades, to triple edge high performance blades with a name to make me think I am shaving with a jet airplane. There are now blade cartridges with 5 blades out there but I have forbid her from purchasing them. Tonight I paid $10 for 4 cartridges. Each cartridge lasts about a week.

As usual, when I write I head for the Internet to check my facts and see if there is anything else out there. I hit upon a web site called The Onion which bills itself as America's finest news source and had just done an article on James Kilts CEO and president of Gillette Company and the article speaks to the shaving blade wars. Check it out at Gillette CEO . A double edged razor blade only costs .16 cents and lasts through 2 shaves which means my shaving costs would be $2.40 per month instead of $10. Time to think about changing back again. I wonder where I can buy a shaving bowl and brush? Probably eBay.


Anonymous said...

Maybe your razor would last longer if you didn't shave your legs....LOL

....just jokin'

keewee said...

Darn, those razors are getting to be expensive. We know the companys which produce the razors can ask whatever price they desire, as razors are a necessary item for both men and women.

Judith Shapiro said...

Thanks for the Onion. Too funny.