Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Project Update

You deserve an update on the New Floor Blog. Sunday we went back to Lowes and purchased paint but the crutches did not work very well for my Wife so she used one of the motorized carts that are available. I went to the paint counter, with my paint chip in hand, while she elected to peruse the rest of Lowes with her electric cart. Later I found her coming down the main concourse with three new stools in her basket, the crutches in the basket and her purse between her feet. What a sight! I tried to pretend that I didn't know her but it didn't work. We loaded the paint and headed for the checkout line. She explained to me that since we had given two of our stools to daughter and family we needed backup stools at our house and these were only $17 each. I have provided you a photo of our new stool and one of our existing stools. It seems that the new stools are the wrong color and a little bit high so that they need a color change and the legs cut off. The project grows.

Monday we started painting. Daughter Ellen arrived, Lou, who I work with, and I all started prepping, painting, repairing sheet rock and cleaning. We made good headway as by 4 everything had one coat on it. Everyone helped, even Dale but the pain was so bad in her knee that she frequently had to lie down and rest. She has a Dr's appointment for Tuesday that she had made several weeks ago so may be they can do something for her. Bridget even did her part as she picked up everything that fell on the floor, took it into the living room and promptly tore it apart. I noticed a partial roll of blue painters tape seemed to get her attention the most. She likes paper towels and the remains of one or two lie in the debris pile. UPDATE: We are headed for Lowes to exchange the stools and get more ceiling paint however they will still need to be painted. ANOTHER UPDATE: We just received a $10 gift card from Lowes just to shop there. Think we'll use it tonight. Lowes just happens to be next door to a great Italian eatery.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Briget is chipping in!!
LOL.......She is so cute!


Ted said...

Thanks for the comment GG

We have removed all of the doors from the cabinets and she is really having the time of her life. Today she stole Lou's stir stick and hauled it to the living room. I noticed because she had paint on her face and ear. Lou went and found the stir stick and I asked "did she get any on the carpet?" and Lou said "not a drop". Well I checked tonight and she did get it on the carpet and now it has dried. Would have been easy to remove when it was wet so now I am in the dog house for not checking myself. Thanks Lou!

Anonymous said...

Ain't dogs Grand???