Wednesday, February 20, 2008


How can you not love a face like this...

This is Molly, a 10 week old, minature, red daple daschund that my wife just purchased for us. My wife didn't think our lives were complicated enough so she went out and bought a new dog. My daughter must share the blame because she went out and found the dog for her and then called me on the phone, reporting her find, hoping against hope that I would be excited. When I wasn't they just ignored my "lack of excitment" and turned it into a positve response from me and thereby getting my "stamp of approval" on their project. A Dachund I, reportedly, said it was OK to buy, was our new family pet. We had two before and they were truly great pets but we didn't need another pet. I'm old and have enough to do without another pet in the house and now we have three.
Below, Molly meets her competition, 1 year old Bridget

Above, Molly lounges on our grandson Sam's back. Life goes on!


Anonymous said...

Awwww....She is so cute!!


keewee said...

There is always room for just one more, especially if they are as cute as Molly.

Ted said...

Keewee and GG thanks for the comments. "There is always room for just one more" my foot! My sanity is at stake here.