Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Pet Peeve Day

Today is the day that I have chosen to share with you some of my very insignificant pet peeves. The first one is "fast food liter". We live next to an intersection that is fairly busy. The first thing in the morning we get a large rush of folks heading off to work. The rest of the day and most of the evening we get college kids going everywhere and they seem to be the worst litterers. This is a picture of what I usually find on the street everyday. Usually it is McDonald's or Burger King but today Wendy's gets the spotlight. Lucky them. The secondly photo is a closeup on top of my trash receptacle before I tossed it in. I noticed lots of Advertisement for the fact that the food all contains zero transacts but nowhere does it say "Do Not Liter", not that it would make much difference with college kids because apparently most of them can't read.The thing I have continued to notice about these, treasured remains, I pick up is they usually contain lots of french fries. For some reason the kids don't eat most of their fries? Why buy them? Ordering the meals without the huge order of fries just has to be cheaper. I'm just saying.

This morning, as I gathered in my morning newspaper, I found a Yellow pages . com telephone book on my front porch. As I went by the side door and porch of our home I noticed more Yellow pages . com books on our side porch. The back door which is close to the office door surprised us with two more books. Inside these building we already had 6 Yellow Page from Verizon. Today was our normal recycling day and all of these extra yellow books made their way to the recycling bins. Great timing but what a waste in the first place


keewee said...

I get so irritated at the sight of trash alongside our highways. Talk about folks who are too lazy or do not care. I see nothing wrong in having a plastic grocery sack in my car for trash. pity the folks who do not care about our country do not do the same.
The person who delivered the yellow books to your home, seems to me to be less than bright.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya Ted....I'm looking at a bunch of beer cans in my yard. Many people are pigs and lack consideration for others & our planet!

Ted said...

Can't believe that there is so much trash along the road now that I am looking for it. Just beer cans and fast food junk.