Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pine Hill Cemetery . Com

We are now on line with our own web site at . I am building the site and it has been a real challenge. During the past several weeks I have been having all sorts of problems with my computer with a little problem called locking up and shutting down. Makes it a little tough to download things for uploading to my new web site but I managed. Still haven't figured out how to make the mail work but I will soon, I'm sure. Usually I deal with this locking up type of problem by buying a new computer but this time I decided to tough it out and figure it out for myself. We have our own guru that handles our company computer but this one is my problem. I figured that it probably revolved around around my extensive photography collection in the computer. That is where I started as I organized everything I had. 4 years worth of photos takes up a lot of room. I went through every photo I had in the computer and found that about 60% needed to be deleted. The remainder fit on three CD-R's and are now all nice and neatly organized in files. I actually can find what I am looking for now. My interest got piqued on cameras again and I have decided to buy a new one. My old one doesn't work very well anymore and about 75% of the time I have to pound it on something to make it turn on.
This is my new dream camera
My next step was to take a look at programs and I found a bunch that I didn't even know I had. I got rid of most of my old programs. I did all of this deleting and removing and nothing really happened. When I was doing my photo's my computer would shut down about two or three times per session. Two days ago I found a thing on my desktop called "Recycle Bin" and I emptied it. Don't think I have ever emptied it. Made a world of difference in my speed. Tonight I got rid of all of things housed under "Internet options" and my computer now operates at the speed of light. What a difference. Been fun and I have learned a whole bunch from it. Wonder where the money is going to come for the camera?

Getting back to our new web site, it should be fun to keep tabs on what is happening. Lots of stories to tell and lots of photos to show off. We're going to leave stories and photos for the most part open to anyone that wants to post them. This blog is my forum and I will try and remember it, otherwise I could dominate the entire web site. Too many photo's, too many stories, too little time. Keep us in mind as we keep building the site. Still a little bit rough around the edges but it gets better. Next month we will post our second story in our series of interesting people titled "Santa Clause is dead!"


keewee said...

I took a look at the new web site and it is coming along very nicely.

Ted said...

Thanks Keewee. Now I am messing with this blog. I don't know what I am changing except I know I am messing with it. I think it is a guy thing. Mess with it because you can. We'll see what happens.

On the web site I am having a terrible time with establishing a contacts page. Think it is time to call in the big guns and use their "Contacts Page" to tell them I need help.