Sunday, April 06, 2008

On Site Computer Repairs

Yesterday I started my computer and as it started up, the screen turned black and that was all that there was. My heart stopped! How can that possible be? I turned it off and restarted and as it came up the screen went black again and there was no more. No explanation, no list of things that went bad, no fatal exception warning, no nothing. I tried a dozen times to no avail. This is every computer owners worst nightmare. Oh what will I do [position back of hand over eyes], what will I do [wring hands quickly]. I know, I will call my computer Guru, Michael. Quickly I dial 413.427.4473 "HELP MICHAEL, HELP!", "I have blogs to write, before I sleep, blogs to write before I sleep". "Sorry Ted, I'm with a customer and can't come until I am done." "Oh, OK Mike give me a call when you get free".

Mike came today, typed a few things, and the computer started up normally. YESSSSS! [Fist closed and held about waist high and a short punching motion is delivered]. About last Thursday Mike was over here to help me install new memory. Computer came with 256 MB of Ram and we boosted it to 1000 to make it so the computer would not keep giving me message that "computer is low on memory....." Eventually the computer would tell me that the programs are "Not responding". I would reboot but the computer started not restarting [dreaded black screen mentioned above] giving me heart attacks so we raised the RAM. Now, since were back on line, the computer responds with almost blinding speed [almost].

These problems that I am having having been rearing their ugly heads for some time now and I think that I have the problem solved and WHAMO the next day everything turns to hell again. Michael diagnosed the problem over the telephone and told me where to go to get the the memory, I needed, fast and cheap and he would come over and help me put it in. Should have called him first. He showed me where all of those little programs reside that eat up your RAM and how to get rid of them but you can really get yourself in trouble messing with them if you don't know what you are doing. The safe solution is to add more RAM and bypass them. All of the memory, plus shipping, came to $69. I called and ordered it about 1pm and by 11am the next day I had it in my hot little hand ready for installation. I have included Mike's business card here because he did such a great job and in case someone close is reading this and needs a computer guru.


keewee said...

I am so lucky, my tech support has his pc in the next room, so when I have trouble I shout HELP and he comes running. *grin*

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Dolores Brown said...

My laptop is having struggles. My dad used it to scan some papers, and ever since then it's been struggling. It might've gotten a bug from something I did for school. I'm hoping norton security will be able to fix the problem.