Friday, April 11, 2008

Ahhh Spring, finally

What is it that tells you that Spring is really here? How about some 66 degree temperatures? Being able to leave your coat at home when you go for a walk? We all have a different trigger to signify a change in seasons and for me it is going to work in the morning at the cemetery and as I go through the main gate and I look at one of our planting beds and see the following sight.
I quickly jump out of my truck, as I spy the tell-tale green shoots sticking through the layer of leaves and move away the leaf cover and this picture is what lies beneath. SPRING! I have procrastinated this posting a few days and already buds are appearing as spring overwhelms us. 70° temperatures accelerate the pre-show and the upcoming forecast of three days of rain will merely solidify natures march to full Spring color. Hopefully the grass will take a few more weeks to grow. Along with the pre-emergent shoots of tulips and crocus the birds arrive in force. I have no idea what has possessed the Robins to show in such force. I do not remember a Spring when so many arrived together and so soon. I took my camera with me yesterday and managed to capture a couple of our bird visitors. The Downy woodpecker seemed excited about my photography and posed for me several times. I also managed to capture a female Northern Mockingbird hanging out on our tomb stones.
I missed a shot of my first Ivory Billed Woodpecker, all 18" of him because yesterday I forgot to pack my camera for the day. I included a photo of this monster that I got from the web so you can see what I missed.

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