Saturday, March 22, 2008

My daughter the Barber?

My daughter is very good at keeping her marriage alive and exciting. Her latest was to mess with her husband Mike's hair. Ellen cuts Mike's hair and does a pretty good job at it except that for the past three haircuts she left part of it uncut. She wanted to see if she could get him to grow a tail without his knowledge. I knew about it but didn't notice anything until just before this last haircut when it appeared like he was going a little bit too long between haircuts. I just looked from the side and I thought it was getting long on the neck but it turns out I was looking at his new tail. Shows you how observant I am about these things. Mike said a few people were looking at his hair funny yesterday but no one said anything but his boss who walked behind him and said "what the hell have you got growing out of your head?" The jig was up and he figured out how it got there, He owes her for that big time. Hopefully he is good enough to pull if off. I would even offer to help him.

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Anonymous said...

Nooooooooo....NOT a Tail. Next thing you know...Sammy will have a mullet!!! LOLOLOLOL
Too funny!

Love, G~