Monday, July 05, 2010

4th of July,2010

July 3rd was the actual date for Westfield's 4th of July celebration. Westfield Kiwanis is the group that put it on, I am a member, now, along with my wife. This is our 3rd year of doing the event and we finally made some money. It isn't a lot but it is enough so we don't have to borrow from ourselves to start next years event. As you can see we had a flyover by two of our F-15's from th 104th based here in Westfield at Barnes Airfield. They are sure loud when you don't see them coming. We held this event at Westfield's Stanley Park and it is huge. Hats off to the Park.

Nice fireworks. This was my first time trying to photograph them with my NEW [1yr old] Canon T1i. There is now a T2i out there and I still have not figured out how to take movies with the one I bought yet? Really has a huge learning curve.

This is picture of my Kiwanis brothers and sisters working hard selling things. We sold Glow neckless's, Glow bracelets, Uncle Sam hats, Blinkey flag lights, glow glasses and American Flags. We also had small groups perusing the crowds selling the same things and taking donations. Its a hard day for all but it is worth it. Its for the Kids.

This is the start of some new blogging for me. Christmas was the date for my last posts and it has long gone. 7 Months without any posts. I now have a lot more to say and time is a wasting, so I had better get busy. Since last we talked, our president came out with a stimulus package and towns that had "shovel ready" projects got the first money and apparently we had a lot ready to go. Every day we heard about new projects starting and people came in and started tearing our town apart including our town green. We had a lot of trees in town and they disappeared in a couple of days, so has the grass and the fountains and the streets for that matter. I think that every plumbing, water, gas and electrical line has now been torn up and that means all of the streets have been tore up also. Not that I am against it but I do have some things to say. I also have some things to say about those F15 flying around. I never did hear where our A-10's went and whats up with all of the Army helicopters flying around? See ya soon

"The Old Muser"

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