Saturday, August 21, 2010


Nice pictures to see in these confusing times. The sound of freedom I think. Our local Air National Guard 104th Fighter Wing Base at Barnes Municipal Airport, Westfield MA is hosting an Air Show this weekend. The Thunderbirds are the premier event but there are lot of other attractions there also. For more info click air show link above

These photo's were all taken on Friday during the Thunderbirds training run. I was standing in the middle of the Pine Hill Cemetery when I took these. 4th of July I took a picture of our local F15's and Posted it.

They really flew close together. On some of my shots they came in so low and fast that by the time I could locate what direction they were coming from and got them in my viewfinder they were some times long gone. We old people do not pivot very well. The third photo makes it look like they were low. They were. Notice the Thunderbird painted on the bottom of the planes.

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Entre Nous said...

Were you ever stationed in Groton CT??!