Friday, December 31, 2004

New Years Eve

We had the day off from work today but don't you know someone died and needed to be buried. Called Lou in and we dug the grave, this morning. Burial is probably Monday. We are staying in this evening. Which I feel is a very smart choice. For years we went out and absolutely did not enjoy ourselves. This is a smart choice for the following reasons: You pay twice the cost for food than you usually pay; The cost of a drink is so high that it makes you think about "giving up drinking for the new year"; The food is usually not well cooked because the kitchen is jammed; There is usually twice as many people in the restaurant than regular; The waitresses are all cranky because they are working super hard and the tips' per person, are not as good as usual for the previous 3 reasons; your scared to death that you will get caught at a roadblock and lose your license for life so you aren't drinking anything. All of this adds up to a not very fun, new years eve. We plan on "snacking ourselves to death" and playing a board game. That means we will probably be up until at least 10pm. Someone will wake up for New Years Eve in New York and then we will all go back to sleep. We will all be happy and about $100/head cheaper.

Now is the time I dread every year. NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS!
  • {1} lose weight [this one is probably on everyone's list]. I tried to lose weight last year but failed after 7 pounds.
  • {2} Get in shape [this one is on everyone's list]. I tried to do this last year but about March would be a better time. I went to the Y but was unable to get checked out and get time to use a machine because "everyone" was there. By March they have lost interest and there is space available.
  • {3} Be nicer to my wife and kids [this one is on every guys list]. I started being nicer about 2 months ago and have had some limited success. My wife said she noticed something was 'up' when I took up Pie Baking a couple of months ago. Tried to buy her a mixer for Christmas but that was quickly nixed by her. Instead we bought it as a family present because we can all use it. I'm still out $350 and still had to buy her a real present. You'd think I knew better than that. I was going to bake a pie for New Years but right now my wife has the kitchen under her control making breads with 'our' new mixer.
  • {4} Take up painting to relax [this one is on 50% of the lists but with other things than painting]. The painting thing was a result of an off hand remark by me and my daughter picked up on it for Christmas. Bought me all of the supplies you would ever want to have, to do water colors. Everything but the lessons, so I am out shopping for lessons right now. Bet that costs me more than $350. I shall proudly display my attempts on this Blog. You would think that I would know better at age 61. Reminds me of a story about dog tricks and old people, or something like that.
  • {5} Finish up my 'Honey-do' list by the end of January [this one is probably only on my list worldwide]. Before we moved into this house, 9 years ago, I remodeled it as a contractor. Our daughter and grandson moved in about 1 year later and I still needed to get all of the lead based trim out. I did that by removing the old woodwork and replacing with new boards. Problem is I didn't get them all replaced. I have been working at it for 8 years. There is probably about two days worth of boards, sheetrock repair and paint. She has put up with the upstairs being unfinished for 8 years so now I think it is time to finish. Don't you? Another item is a rotted out drain pipe from the sink that leaked. I did a really good temporary fix on it last year and it does not leak a bit but it should be replaced. Etc., etc., Etc.

The dog ate my glasses again today. This time beyond repair. Since I said anything about it, he has also eaten another package of English Muffins, one of my Christmas presents and a banana. Took 4 days to get over the diarrhea from the apples.

To anyone that might stumble in and read this Blog "Happy New Year"


dayna said...

I am putting a link of your blog to mine, okay? If you don't like that then let me know and I will remove it.

dayna said...

Hi, you. I mentioned your site becuase I thought it was honest and interesting. Its easy to add a link to your site. Just takes some time to figure it out the first time.
Dayna's Blog Have you read anything by David Adams Richards? I noticed you are a Steinbeck fan as well. I love everything he wrote. All I have to do is imagine the activity in Cannery Row and I smile.

Happy New Year to you and your family.