Friday, January 05, 2007

07 A better year?

I thought for sure that 2007 had to be a better year, especially for me with a 06 heart attack. The weather has been glorious as we have yet to see a real snowflake and tomorrow is to be 64. It has made it possible for us to get lots of work done in our cemetery and we are even still getting new grass on graves to grow. Health wise it hasn't been as rosy as today I spent my morning having my teeth pulled. Two of my front teeth are abscessed and had to come out. It kinda sneaked up on me because of the medication I was taking for my heart, my sleep problem and prostate problems. I had one day of bad pain and my Dentist agreed to come in today [Friday is normally his day off] and pull the offending suckers. The two teeth were side by side and the 1st one came out with very few problems. The second tooth was a different animal all together. The root was about 1" long and the tooth had a lot of decay which lent it very capable of breaking at the gum line and would require major work if it did. Dr Bonkowski kept loading me up with more and more Novocain as I kept getting very intense pain as extraction was attempted. Finally, at one point, I said "go ahead and pull it Doc as I am sure I can tough it out for a couple of intense moments". Brave of me as I am the biggest wimp ever when it comes to teeth pain. Dr Bonkowski replied "no patient of mine will ever go through all of that pain with what we have available to deaden the pain". I don't know what he did but he managed to deaden the pain source and pull the tooth without me crying. There are good dentists in this world and then their are great dentists. Joe is one of the greats. He wrote me a prescription for 10 Oxycodone tablets and sent me on my way with a handful of 2x2 absorbent pads. I just had a bowl of soup and a bowl of chocolate pudding when I received a call from the good Dr. checking up on me.

This whole incident set us back $400. A few minutes ago my wife called and said that she was stopped at a stop light for entrance to the Mass Pike and was rear-ended by a 3/4 ton Dodge pickup. The rest of the family was in the van as they were heading out for supper and no one was hurt. The hell with worrying about what 07 brings us and I think we will just worry about what tomorrow brings. Maggie's mommy brought her by today so she could poop and pee on the office floor and spend time getting to know Dale and I think she is coming to stay for a week or so next week.


keewee said...

Here I am whining about our lousy winter storms and power outages.
I am humbled by your story. I think I will take myself off and start counting my blessings.

Ted said...

Thanks for the comment keewee. Tough couple of days but my blood pressure is down to 119/81. Yahoo!