Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The 1st game

Just got back from the very 1st ever game for Sam and what a hoot! A friend of mine was the coach on the other team that was whupped by Sam’s team 15 to 2. Can’t wait to see him. One of the kids on the other team ran out on the field and up to the base umpire and said “where is left field?” Had us all rolling in the isles. This was the good game field and not just a practice field and don’t you just know it the outfield had holes where the outfielders stand because they “kick the dirt”. The infield was OK but they actually drag the infield with a tractor before the game and that fills in the other holes where everyone else “kicks the dirt”. Got to get a check list for my daughter because we got an emergency phone call that they had forgotten his hat. Remembered the jock strap and cup but forgot the hat. Also she forgot the gum. Had to borrow some from another mom. I watched and all of the kids chewed gum and “kicked the dirt”. Even the girls that played chewed gum and “kicked the dirt”. Here I thought it was just a guy thing. One of Sam’s teammates, who played left field, started running off the field just as the game started, running towards the parents area. The coach ran out of the dugout shouting “Huston what are you doing, the game has started” and Huston replied “I have to talk to my Mom.” Apparently the coach was aware that when and 8 year old has to talk to his Mom he has to talk to his Mom. Coach called Time. So both teams waited while Huston talked to his Mom and in front of all of the other Mom’s and Dad’s Huston said “Mom I can’t wear this cup as it pinches me!” Poor Mom was mortified as we all burst into uncontrollable laughter and she replied “go on back out and we will talk about it at the end of the inning.” I replied to her that “it’s easier raising daughters” and she agreed. At the end of every inning there was always a group of mothers at the end of the dugout saying things like “OK Billy it time to go back out on the field so find your glove”, “Brian find your hat, you have to have a hat, what did you do with it? Look inside your batting helmet.” “Justin your not playing this inning so sit down and behave yourself. You’ll play next inning. Next inning is when the other team gets three outs and it is your teams turn to bat again. When your team gets three outs on them then you’ll go back on 2nd base. Justin! Stop throwing rocks at him.” My daughter was over there a couple of times explaining things to Sam. The next inning, Huston had closed up on the 3rd baseman and was throwing dirt on him. The coach was furious. Not only do they kick dirt but they also throw dirt? I was really proud of Sam because he actually paid attention to what was happening and what the coach was saying. Progress is sometimes measured in little tiny steps. Sam and most of the others all chewed their gum like they had 10 sticks instead of just one. Helps them to spit more. The really nice thing about the afternoon was there wasn’t one parent that was mad at their kid, mortified yes, mad no. No one shouted and threatened the umpires and no parents were fighting. Every parent there had a big grin the entire time. I love little league baseball!

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