Friday, April 01, 2005

Randy lost his eyes!

Poor guy, just couldn't see anymore. 10 months old and blind, or so it seemed. Kept running into things and when we played fetch, I had to go fetch, because he could never find anything I threw for him. Seems to like the new doo judging by the way he is prancing around. Now he sees everything.

Here is the latest Weight Watchers update. Lost 0.2 #'s this past week. Not as bad as my wife because she put on 2 #'s. It is her fault because she cooked to much food over the weekend. Too many leftovers and everyone knows you can't throw leftovers away but you must eat them until they are gone. Why else would you save them??Duh! When you walk into this place, they have a bunch of tables set up that you have to walk by to get to the weigh in table and the line is always backed up so it it slow going. Plenty of time to study the various food, books and merchandise, on the tables, available for purchase. Lots of low point snack bars [good for you and the kids], special deals on scales so that you can weigh your food [?????], books on slow cooking, soups, low calorie cooking etc. Titles such as: "How to loose weight and have fun doing it"; "The skinny person inside of you"; How to loose weight and train for the Boston marathon"; "Bicycle repairs made easy". Stripping was held to a minimum, this time, except for my wife who was desperately trying to get into the minus column but she stopped when I started clapping and whistling. She came up with a new saying about me this week.. She told some friends "When he gets like this, I just let him ramble on and not pay attention." She thinks I should change the title of my blog to "the ramblings of an old man". The thin man never showed but I know he has lost 10#'s so far.


dayna said...

Those books titles had me laughing out loud.
The skinny guy must be anorexic or something. I'm very intrigued.

Hey Dick. On PBS they had this documentary of a man who went to live in the wilds of Alaska when he was 55 I believe. Stayed up there for 35 years. Built his own cabin, tools and everything. I was mesmerized. Watched it three times. I'm trying to think of something I can start when I'm 55 and finish 35 years later. Something like that but not so dangerous. Maybe I could stumble upon a cabin with a 100ft high chain link fence all around and a plentiful food supply.

Ted said...

Hi Dayna - Saw the same PBS special and over the past couple of years, I have watched it 3 times. If I come across it I can't click off it. Such a fascinating story. Going by his example I have 29 years to do something meaningful with my life. I think my wife would like to see me gone for a few years also but I think I would take her with me. She couldn't escape my "ramblings" then. What a way to get even. What would be the purpose of the 100 ft chain link fence? Sounds like you are going out in your backyard.

dayna said...

The fence would protect me from wild animals that want to eat me. I told my son about my idea. He said, "So basically you would be doing nothingd that that guy did".
I said, "Well I would go berry picking and make my own meals".