Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I have been a bit remiss as-of-late with my postings but then so have a bunch of my friends in the blogosphere including my little brother. The only one that has posted has been English Peace Frog. Check him out as his postings are really good. This one is great as he discusses Bill Clinton's Penis. He really knows a lot of things but his knowledge about this subject puzzles me??? While you are there read "Slime & Punishment" about his early life in Mudpie Neb. Really worth the read.

Randy got sick again so back to the vets for a complete checkup. He can't stand up without help. Vet found nothing and we figure our daughter did it with some marathon walks they took. I think it is from the, now, 4 pair of my glasses he has eaten, large amounts of wood in the fence, my grandson's plastic toys and three beds. The last one is still holding up good. $87 to find out he is healthy and doesn't have Lime disease. Not to be outdone by a dog, I headed for my Dr. To find out that: the pain in my side [I am right now passing on a great lead in for the sake of holding my marriage together] is due to unloading a 200# bin of sand that I used for weight, this winter; Way to much coffee has created my urinary track problem; I don't have cancer like I thought; my weight loss of 12# is excellent; my cholesterol level [without drugs] is 160. My charge for all of these services was $5.


dayna said...

I want a picture Mister, otherwise I don't believe you !!!!

dayna said...

The man purse and you that is.

Ted said...

Good thing you clarified that. I'm sorry but I had to use my only hat/man-purse as a sample or I wouldn't have sold any at weight watchers. Since my wife said "no more" I sold my sample so we would have enough to buy yarn and cover shipping. Just as soon as she gets her 1st one made I will take a picture and post it. She is getting ready to go to Ashville N.C. so the orders will be delayed a bit but I won't forget.