Saturday, July 26, 2008


So who is this? It's the new Batman of course, Terry McGinnis (Batman II, The Tomorrow Knight). This guy has actually been around over in Europe, for the past 8 years, fighting evil. Maybe your more of a "now" movie buff and will want to remember Batman as looking like this portrayal, by the late Heath Ledger

Personally, my preference is with the comic book additions.

These are two more types of Batmans' and after the comics I liked Batman: the Movie and TV

These are 4 batman leading men. See if you can ID who they are? I could not get them all so my daughter helped me. This posting is at the insistence of my Grandson Sam and he provided me with the Batman and Beyond comic book to get me started. We blogged Batman together and we both learned a lot. It was a good experience. Our searching gave us the following information:

  • 1939 First Batman comic book

  • 1966 was "Batman: The Movie" and TV series. You may remember the words "Biff,""Pow", "Thwack" and Robins "Holy _____" Adam West had the lead.

  • 1989 it was the best "Batman" with Michael Keaton and Jack Nickelson as the Joker

  • 1992 "Batman Returns with Michael Keaton

  • 1995 "Batman Forever" played by Val Kilmer

  • 1997 "Batman and Robin" with George Clooney

  • 2008 "The Dark Knight" with the late Heath Ledger

upper left Adam West; upper right Michael Keaton; lower left George Clooney; lower right Val Kilmer.

I have no idea why I posted this but I had so much information after surfing the net, I figured I should unburden myself of some of it. There, I feel better. Now I can sleep tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea for a blog Sammy! We did have a blast at that movie....