Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rescue Dog

This past weekend our Grandson Sam, daughter, son-in-law, Boo [Black Lab] and Randy [Golden Doodle] all headed over to a favorite Dog Park in Connecticut. After some intense playtime they took the dogs around back, where there is a river, so that the dogs can swim. Really it is only Boo that swims [as you can tell by the picture]

and when you look at the picture of Randy standing in the river you could say that “Randy doesn’t like swimming” and hit the nail right on the head because this is a photo of Randy’s best effort. This is as good as it gets.

Sam usually jumps right in and swims with the dogs. On this day Sam was walking in and not paying attention where he was and walked off the edge of the stream where it gets deep. He got tangled up somehow and was thrashing a bit. Boo immediately spotted Sam in trouble, jumped in and swam out to Sam and then circled him to get close so Sam could grab his collar. He then swam to shore bringing Sam back in. Kind of dog you want with you when you have kids and water, don’t you think?

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keewee said...

Boo sure is one very special dog.

Ted said...

Yes he is. Sure glad they wern't counting on Randy to jump in and help. Thanks for the Blond joke. I'm fixing to use it again as my latest observations are running 5 of 6 and just for yesterday.

Ted said...

Did not mean to make it sound like Sam was drowning or something. He is a good swimmer and would have got hiself out OK. Boo thinks everone is drowning if they wave their arms and goes and rescues you. Gets a little bit annoying after a while but its nice he does that in case you need it.