Thursday, July 17, 2008

Road Trip

My son-in-law was in need of a cap for his short bed pickup but they needed to haul their two big dogs around such as taking them to the dog park and to the river for a swim. They just got rid of their Jeep, which worked good for hauling the dogs, but daughter teaches about ¼ block from their house and son Sam is starting there in the fall. They really don’t need a second vehicle, especially a 4x4 gas-guzzler.

We all figured that the two dogs would do a number on the cap so we decided on a used one. I started looking online and on Craig’s List I found one that would fit in Greenfield MA about 50 miles away. My Daughter called and found out it was about what we needed and the guy only wanted $10 bucks for it but later said “If you will come and get it out of his yard we could have it for free!” ROAD TRIP!!!!!!

We had a few problems scheduling the trip but two days later we headed out in the late afternoon for our adventure in Greenfield. Only my Daughter and I could get the time to go. Thank God! Usually when we have a trip like this the whole family has to go, which would have meant two vehicles and we would have just overwhelmed these poor people up in Greenfield.

We found the house and met the couple and their cats [4 or 5 as best as I could count]. She explained that she had decided to be a rescue house for stray kittens last year but they quickly overwhelmed her and then when they had to give up the baby kittens it was too much so this year she is holding them at arms length. Had a couple of dogs, in the back yard, so we all understood each other. Kinda talked the same language and all. Anyway, we liked the free topper, so I gave him $20 for it? It was about the same color as the pickup, and we clamped it down on Michael’s pickup ready to head out again but that isn’t the end of the story,
We got talking with this couple about everything and I said that Michael was from South Dakota, heck we all were, and the conversation switched to 2000 miles to the west. Seems like Bill, topper owner, spent a year out in Rapid City, out of High School, because he had family in the Air Force at Ellsworth AFB. He just hung out having fun in the beautiful Black Hills. It turns out that his cousin married some guy from Sturgis [our home town] and moved to the Denver area to live happily ever after. Well, don’t you know, her husband and I graduated from High School together, all 112 of us. It really is a small world. This is the reason that all of us go on these adventures together. The rest of them missed it and we could have had a picnic or something.

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