Thursday, August 07, 2008

Relief is just a drop away!

We went for supper last evening at our daughter’s home and out of desperation I asked her “what can I blog about?” in fact I asked her several times as I was experiencing the dreaded “Blogger’s Block” and needed help.. She walked up and said “blog about this” as she tossed a box of Fresh Drops to me”. The scan of the box is below but the person sitting on the toilet caught my eye and it was blog at first sight.
This posting is a bit of a learning experience for me as I never really appreciated the fact that Americans are consumed with elimination of bathroom odors, post-defecatory bouquet removal, passing olfactory judgment from your personal throne of kings, eliminate malodorous gases, the ever so popular flatulence odor removal, and the equaly repeated Stinkey Odors. Every web site I visited, in researching this subject, had a different way of explaining the problem.

The best use of the English language in explaining the problem was a blog site, appropriately named ”The Dethroner” “post-defecatory bouquet removal” [even though my spell-checker went wild with defecatory]. The author also managed to use the following phrase in the same sentence “passing olfactory judgment from your personal throne of kings”. Great work Jason. I’m not sure why the product “Drops” was on their blog but it didn’t seem as though Jason was pushing the product because of 1st hand experience. A visit to their Blog site with the hypertext above will give you a great ad to experience.

Moving onward through the Google Search I came upon FREE! Oxi Odor Eliminator touts the fact that unlike sprays which just mask odors, FREE! has a powerful, effervescent oxygen releasing formula that eliminates 100% of the odors at the source and prevents odors from lingering.
So put out the matches, blow out the candles and stop gasping for air. All you need is FREE! Visit the website and find out how you can get a month supply and have an odor-free bathroom all month long.

If you would prefer more substancial proof about a product you can always look and see if there is a US Patent covering the item and this is what you get:
Bathroom odor eliminator
Document Type and Number:
United States Patent 5307525
As an improvement for eliminating lingering bathroom odor, a few drops of an appropriate fluid mixture such as a chlorinated hydrocarbon containing a small amount of a volatile fragrant fluid is added to water in a toilet bowl prior to the use of the toilet. A unique property of the first fluid causes the resultant mixture to spread quickly over the entire surface of the water, forming a nonpermeable film across which the odor emanating from unflushed feces cannot pass. The second fluid quickly vaporizes from this film allowing the resulting concentrated fragrance to neutralize within the toilet bowl the flatulence odor produced during a bowel movement. A person sitting upon the toilet seat actuates a semiautomatic fluid dispenser.

As I wander the aisles of our local Walgreens Drug store with a fresh outlook and a discerning eye for odor elimination I can’t help but wonder why we Americans are so determined to be odor free [actually that is “bad” odor free] as most of the odor solutions involve replacing bad odors with “good” odors. When I was on the Diesel boats, in the Navy, Canoe is what we used for everything.We want good odors; in our kitchens, in our bathrooms, in our beds and bedrooms, in our mouths, in our arm pits, in our private areas and behind our ears. I have yet to test any of these products but I will. I had expected my daughter to report back on the response of her family to “Fresh Drops”. Her purchase of the product started this posting after all. Her, two, odorous, guys should be excellent test subjects and I am looking forward to reporting back to you on the results. Maybe we can even put up our own U-Tube posting on the subject. I've noticed that with all of the different fragrences that have been tossed around for cleaning up the bad bottom odors no one has mentioned Citrus. My Dibs!


1keewee1 said...

And I ask, what if you are in a hurry? you probably don't have time to stand around while adding a few drops of the odor eliminator to the toilet, so the product should last a long time. *chuckle*

Anonymous said...

I actually bought this product for my purse so that, God forbid, I had to 'go' when only public restrooms were available, I'd be safe. Thanks to proper planning, I have yet to need the product.


Anonymous said...

Ok, it works, kinda. This morning I had to 'go' and ran upstairs to the bathroom. I realized that my dad wanted me to try the drops, so I ran back downstairs to get the drops (you're lucky I love you Dad!). I put a few drops in and then went to work. I didn't totally mask the offensive odors. The matter is exposed to the air for a moment after all while making the drop. It did release the air freshener though which would be better than pulling out spray in a public restroom. At home though, I'll stick to Febreeze. On the road...this stuff will be fine.


keewee said...

Well, now we know !!!
I guess having some in one's purse wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Ted said...

I really wouldn't know Keewee I'm just here to provide a forum for others. We guys don't do that because of the catstropic damage that would occur if the bottle should leak in our pants pocket. Who knows what might mutate out?

Thank you daughter for your participation and origional research. I love you too.