Saturday, August 09, 2008

Water, water everwhere...

This is a late afternoon cloud photo, over our cemetery, I took a couple of days ago and it turned out to be a major producer of a couple of inches of rain. Our Western Mass area has been inundated with all sorts of storms lately. We are just coming off a July that turned out to be the wettest on record and August is looking to already be the same thing. Most of the storms are in the afternoon and evening and we are getting everything from torrential rains, to hail, to high winds, and even tornadoes. The upside of this is that our cemetery has never looked better but the downside is that we never get done mowing and weed whacking. Our crew now carry their rain suits with them, on their mowers. We have taken to mow and cut weeds even when it is pouring out or else it wouldn’t get done.

Another casualty is getting to be that our farm crops are not appreciating the constant bombardment of rain. Rains once or twice a week is ideal but every day? The tomato crop is hard hit as the tomatoes don’t know when to stop growing and they look terrible and disease is much more prevalent. The tomato pictures are of my very own crop. They look great, green but once they are ready to pick they are not appetizing. Our tobacco crop is suffering and the upcoming apple crop is taking a hit.

John Edwards is a scumbag! Really, really, sad.

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