Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's in a chair?

So what is so big about a stupid chair anyway? Well to start with it's my chair. I like it because its comfortable. It's stationed in our small garden at the end of our driveway and it is attached to the house. It is ripped and torn and soon it's going to die. I have already been thinking about when that day comes, am I going to rebuild it. You know, new webbing and that's a lot of work. When your done with the job the webbing doesn't stretch very much so it is not so comfortable. This one took 6 years staying outside in the elements to develop an unforgettable comfort level. Yup, when that day comes, I'm going to rebuild it

This view shows my driveway, the office on the right, the grass area is the pooping fields that I keep spotless with the pooper scooper sticking out of the garbage can. Only weeds and rose clippings go in the garbage can and the poop is removed from the fenced area in two different spots. In the upper middle of the pic you can see my pop-up camper that I have for sale for $100. Next to that is the playscape I built for my grandson as he is 11 now and doesn't use it very much. I's for sale for $300. The fenced area next to that is the large area I have for the dogs to exercise in and it has a shelter with picnic table and a stone fireplace. I keep all of this area under supervision from my chair. I have been thinking about adding some mirrors so I don't have to turn so much.

I have 4 tomato plants in wooden barrels that I can see from my chair. All summer I have kept them under my green thumb knowing when to add fertilizer, when to water. The closest plant in 4' away. Now I supervise the ripening process watching until each one is ready for picking. Pick too soon and the tomato is tough but if you pick at the right time the tomato is soft and you must be careful picking it. A tiny twist dislodges the ripe, red, ball from the vine. If you wait to long you will find the tomato on the ground. It's almost a lost art and to practice proper vineology you need a good chair as there is a lot to watch. I have one.

The roses are a different matter. From my chair I enjoy the three rose plants constantly. Their sweet fragrance chases away the sour smell of the dog poop. Their beauty cannot be duplicated and changes daily, even hourly and I observe it all from my chair. Occasionally I take a day, get my Falcos out and prune the rose plants. It bothers me to cut even the fading blooms but I know they will all produce wonderful blooms again shortly. The roses destroy my hands and arms as I attempt to isolate all of passed buds. The blood flows freely as I suffer through the ordeal. I bleed easily. Daily, there is much work to do, watering, feeding, pruning, but from my chair I sit back and smell the roses.

To my left, on the back of the records vault, are the bird houses that were active all summer with dozens of baby sparrows flying off to join the sparrowsphere. My chair is very close to the houses and it makes the parents very nervous to my presence. They land close and chirp me out for a long period and then fly off in desperation when I won't move. That is one of the privileges of having your own chair as you don't have to move until you want to.

A very important part of barbecuing is having your own chair to sit in while you wait for the meat to cook. The grill has to cook clean before that and the chair comes in handy as I wait. Usually a barbecue calls for a bud while the meat cooks and that old bud fits right on the top rail of the fence so all I have to get up for is to flip the meat once. To the right of the chairs is a door going into the house with a doggie door so I don't have to get up and the dogs and cat can let themselves in.

Posted by PicasaMy two constant companions frolic about as I sit and watch the roses, or watch the meat cook, or watch the tomatoes grow, watch the birds grow or watch the dogs play or chase the cat. The usual chase path is from the front of the house, through the kitchen, into the porch and down 5 steps to the doggie door, crashing through the door to the garden, under my feet to the end of the "pooping fields" and back. A hoot to watch.
Stupid cat. Those two chairs are spares in case someone wants to come and sit a while, watching things grow, have a Bud, throw a little bull and maybe weave a sea story or two. If it gets too deep I just use the scoop shovel that is behind the blue barrel in one of the pictures. Ain't life grand?

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I never knew you loved me so much!

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