Friday, August 22, 2008

Big Trouble

These are really two cute little dogs just minding their own business. Molly is on the left and Bridget is on the right. Breaking away from play long enough to eat and pose for a picture. I think they look too innocent and as I looked at their bowls, I notice that Molly's bowl of water has turned dark brown as the water bowl is full of dirt.

These two get to play their day away in the garden next to the house. It has 3 rose bushes, 4 tomatoes plants, hosta, Lillies and one lone hydrangea bush. One third of the area is paved, and one third is nice grass and the rest is garden. They have been very good respecting the garden, staying on the grass or basking in the sun on the pavement. Through the doggie door is the house and a couple of air conditioned rooms to romp in. In the late afternoon I take them to our side yard which is quiet large and fenced and they run, chase and bark at the neighbors dog. The area is shaded by a large Maple tree and a large bush in the corner that they play under and can see into the neighbors yard. I sit with them, reading the evening paper and unwinding. My wife's sister has always said that when she dies she wants to come back as one of our dogs. So why would they go and ruin their perfect life?

You are looking at the exposed roots of one of our prized rose bushes. The hole is about 12 inches deep and all of the little feeder roots are missing because they ate them. One of the other rose bushes is just the same. As I looked around I found one of our beautiful Lilly plants had been dug up and they had eaten the bulbs. Wheather the roses will survive the attack is unknown.

I had to go cut green fence and put it on the ground around the bushes so they couldn't dig. The dogs were immediately banished to the side yard to spend their days without the advantage of being able to go into the house when they chose. They could see our office door from their prison and Bridget just sat their, plastered against the fence, crying and chewing on the wire. Molly seemed to enjoy her new digs.They did all of this damage before breakfast.

This last photo is of the finished product with the hole filled and the dig proof wire installed. Bad Dogs!

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Anonymous said...

LOL....Yep, I feel your pain Ted. Hence the ugly white lattice along the foundation of my house. Not sure what it is but May used to dig HUGE holes there....then Mr. Poppy took over after she passed away. Maggie could care less about digging.....she is too prim & proper =)

Ted said...

Yup. I have always thought of Maggie as prim & proper. Yuk, Yuk, Yuk