Friday, April 21, 2006

$13,700 PER HOUR

The New York Times recently reported that--for the first time--a full-time worker earning minimum wage cannot afford a one-bedroom apartment anywhere in America at market rates. That means more and more people like Michelle Kennedy--a former Senate page and author of Without a Net: Middle Class and Homeless (With Kids) in America--are finding themselves homeless and living out of their cars.
At a town hall meeting in Ohio on April 2, Representative Sherrod Brown, a staunch advocate for social and economic rights (he and Bernie Sanders are the two best candidates running for Senate in 2006) railed against the economic hardship brought on by stagnant wages: "It is unacceptable that someone can work full-time--and work hard--and not be able to lift their family out of poverty." He blasted a system where a full-time minimum-wage worker earns $10,500 a year, while "last year the CEO of Wal-Mart earned $3,500 an hour. The CEO of Halliburton earned about $8,300 an hour. And the CEO of ExxonMobil earned about $13,700 an hour."
Katrina vanden Heuvel
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$13,700 PER HOUR? HOW DO I GET THAT JOB? I didn't even know there were those kind of job's out there. I've got a pretty good resume and I have experience. I have been a CEO twice. Admittedly, both times I was the sole holder of all stock but that shouldn't make any difference. To any head hunters that read this or any of you personnel directors that are part of my fan base, Hell, I would be willing to settle for the $3,500 job and as a prereq. let it be known that "I have tried Sam's Club Soda and it is not bad". Would someone please tell me where I need to send my resume.


bothenook said...

if you get that $3500/hour job, would you consider hiring a broken down fat ex-submariner with a penchant for firearms as your lackey? i'd settle for 1/3 of your pay. no problemo.

Ted said...

If I get the job, your hired and I'll even take it out of my pay. Looks like I'll need security and you have great qualifications. Broken down fat exsubmariners with a penchant for firearms, hire other broken down fat exsubmariners...... Who are you going to hire for your security at $46,666.66/week.