Saturday, April 15, 2006


Westfield Ma 4/15/05 Donald Trump, of The Apprentice was knocked off his feet today, in the local Ace Hardware store by an apparently upset patron. A vicious but well placed left hook was landed squarely on Donald's glass jaw. Apparently the attacker escaped, in all of the confusion, as store clerks stood dumfounded while others helped Donald back to his feet. He was crippled by the blow as he was unable to stand erect for some time. Store personnel said they were able to strategically place tape so that he could stand and endure the pain. Donald and his first "Apprentice" Bill Rancic were on a promotional tour for Ace Hardware at the time of the attack. Mr Trump stated that he would not let this little incident stop them as they had lots more promotional stops yet to make. Strangely Bill Rancic stood by silently during the attack and had nothing to add after. Donald refused to let store officials notify police and stated that his organization was capable of handling these matters. Donald seemed to be shouting "I'll get you for this" [see photograph at left] as they carried on with the promotion mission and Bill just smiled.

In an interview with store clerk and witness Mary Ann Davis she stated, "Man it was really crazy as this guy just came walking in the door and as he went by Donald 'Bamb' and the Donald was down. Wasn't no blood or nothin, just 'Bamb' and The Donalds was out." She said they used Scotch brand tape to put the Donald back together again.


Anonymous said...

No one would have noticed cause of the flannel but it had to have been Rosie.

Ted said...

Anon. thanks for the observation. Personaly I havn't heard anything about Bill R. Lately, have you
Thanks The old Muser